Czechia is hitting the Eurovision 2024 stage in Malmö with a bang!

Introducing the sensational AIKO, a beacon of indie-pop brilliance, who’s set to captivate Europe with her electrifying entry, “Pedestal.”

In this article, we’re diving deep into the heart of “Pedestal,” analyzing the intricate layers of AIKO’s Eurovision contender.

From the unforgettable melodies to the powerful lyrics, we’ll explore what makes this song a true contender for the coveted Eurovision trophy. I’ll be sharing my candid thoughts on the song and its mesmerizing performance, giving you an all-access pass to the passion behind the music.

And for those who want to sing along or delve into the poetic depths of AIKO’s creation, we’ve got you covered with a complete transcript of the song’s lyrics.

So, brace yourselves for a journey through the highs and lows of love, strength, and standing tall on the “Pedestal” of dreams.

Czechia’s Eurovision 2024 entry is more than just a performance; it’s a statement, and AIKO is here to make her mark!

This is the Eurovision Corgi review of “Pedestal” by AIKO for Eurovision 2024.

Who Is AIKO?

AIKO is a rising star in the music world, and her selection as Czechia’s representative for Eurovision 2024 with the song “Pedestal” is a testament to her unique artistry and dynamic presence.

Born in Moscow and now based in Brighton, AIKO’s sound is a refreshing mix of indie pop with a punk rock edge, and “Pedestal” perfectly encapsulates this.

This is a track that stands out for its boldness and authenticity, showcasing AIKO’s ability to craft songs that resonate with a wide audience. Her voice carries a distinct tone that’s both haunting and heartwarming, a combination that’s sure to captivate the Eurovision crowd and viewers at home.

AIKO is not just an artist to watch but one to get excited about. She’s on her way to becoming a standout figure in the music industry, and her Eurovision journey is one that we’re all eager to follow!

Song Analysis – “Pedestal”

Dive into the pulsating heart of AIKO’s “Pedestal,” and you’ll find a fierce anthem of self-empowerment and independence.

This song, which is set to represent Czechia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2024, is a vibrant call to self-love and a defiant stand against staying in a place where one’s worth is not recognized or appreciated.

The lyrics of “Pedestal” paint a vivid picture of someone who has reached their limit with empty apologies and unchanging behavior.

It’s a narrative many can relate to—a tale of frustration with a partner who remains silent and unresponsive, leading to a cycle of conflict where “everything else stays the same.”

But there’s a twist!

Rather than dwelling on the negativity, the song’s protagonist chooses to break free, declaring an end to explaining and justifying, and instead, opting to “give all the love to me.”

The chorus is a catchy and powerful declaration of self-celebration: “I need to learn to put myself on a pedestal.” This isn’t just about self-care; it’s about recognizing one’s value and refusing to settle for less.

 The repetition of “I will be loving me more” is a mantra for anyone who’s ever felt overlooked or undervalued, and the line “I finally learned not to force things” speaks to the wisdom of letting go of what doesn’t serve you.

In essence, AIKO’s “Pedestal” is a celebration of the self, an empowering soundtrack that encourages listeners to elevate their own happiness above toxic relationships.

It’s a message that resonates deeply in a world where we’re often taught to put others first. But sometimes, the most important person to love and cherish is the one we see in the mirror.

Overall Impression

“Pedestal” is a song that pulsates with an electrifying energy and a powerful message of self-empowerment that’s impossible to ignore.

It’s a track that promises to inject a burst of vitality into the Eurovision contest in Malmö, capturing the spirit of the competition with its dynamic rhythm and anthem-like quality.

The song’s vibrant core and its call to embrace one’s own strength is something that I absolutely adore, and it’s one that will undoubtedly resonate with the audience.

However, there is a certain elephant in the room to be talked about…

While the song itself is a gem, the performance at ESCZ 2024 revealed several areas ripe for polishing.

AIKO’s vocals, while distinctive, will need to be honed to match the intensity and drive of the studio version. Delivering that knockout live vocal performance is crucial to give “Pedestal” the impact it deserves.

Moreover, the choreography, though spirited, requires a bit of tweaking to truly encapsulate the song’s essence and enhance AIKO’s natural charisma on stage.

With that said, despite the critiques that have surfaced, it’s essential to remember the Eurovision journey of Vesna, Czechia’s previous contender in 2023.

Vesna faced similar skepticism in the early stages but ultimately delivered a performance that left audiences in awe.

Drawing from this, it’s clear that with dedicated time to refine her performance and finesse her stage presence, AIKO has the potential to not just participate, but to leave an unforgettable mark on the contest with “Pedestal.”

There’s a raw energy and total sincerity in AIKO that, if channeled just right, could lead to a truly unforgettable Eurovision moment.

AIKO – “Pedestal” – Lyrics

Your sorry means nothing when everything else
Stays the same, stays the same
You stay silent, I get violent
And everything else stays the same

I’m tired of explaining you shit
You’re so full of it, full of it
I’ll give all the love to me
And then I’ll truly be free, I’ll truly be free

And I, I, I, I need to learn to
I, I, I, I need to learn to
Put myself on a pedestal

I will be loving me more, loving me
(Put myself on a pedestal)

I will be loving me more
I finally learned not to force things
And I love me more, love me more, love me more
Love me more than your bullshit

(Put myself on a pedestal)
I will be loving me more
Loving me more

Love of your life, just please don’t ask
For any action or any proof of the irony
Where did my pride go?
I feel no shame, but you should and now I know

I, I, I, I need to learn to
I, I, I, I need to learn to
Put myself on a pedestal

I will be loving me more, loving me
(Put myself on a pedestal)

I will be loving me more
I finally learned not to force things
And I love me more, love me more, love me more
Love me more than your bullshit

(Put myself on a pedeѕtal)
I will be loving me more
Loving me more

Loving me more
Loving me more
Loving me, loving me, loving me, loving me, yeah

Final Thoughts – “Pedestal”

AIKO and Czechia are poised to make a splash at this year’s Eurovision.

Beyond the dazzling lights and the grand stage in Malmö, it’s the heart and soul of the artist that truly makes a song memorable.

With its high-octane energy and empowering message, “Pedestal” is more than just a Eurovision entry; it’s a battle cry for self-belief and a testament to the power of music to uplift and inspire.

AIKO’s journey to the Eurovision stage is a reminder that the path to glory is often paved with hard work and determination. As she fine-tunes her performance, let’s rally behind her, anticipating the moment she steps onto the stage, ready to conquer with her voice and spirit.

But now, it’s your turn to weigh in!

Do you think “Pedestal” has what it takes to rise above the competition? Will AIKO’s refinements transform the song into the anthem we’re all hoping for?

Share your thoughts in the comments below—we’re all ears for your insights and predictions!

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