Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil, the Ukrainian powerhouse duo, are set to take Malmö by storm with their spellbinding entry “Teresa & Maria.”

This isn’t just a song—it’s a cultural force, a blend of Alyona’s trailblazing rap and Jerry’s enchanting pop that creates an electrifying synergy.

In this article, we’re going to delve into the heart of “Teresa & Maria,” offering a comprehensive analysis of the song that’s poised to make waves on behalf of Ukraine. I’ll share my candid thoughts on the song and its mesmerizing performance, and we’ll also explore the lyrics that have everyone talking.

So, gear up for an exploration of rhythm, poetry, and Ukrainian pride as we break down what makes “Teresa & Maria” such a formidable Eurovision entry.

Whether you’re a seasoned Eurovision aficionado or a newcomer eager to discover what the buzz is all about, this article is your insider’s guide to one of this year’s most talked-about acts.

Let’s get into it!

This is the Eurovision Corgi review of “Teresa & Maria” by Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil for Eurovision 2024.

Who Are Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil?

Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil are a dynamic Ukrainian duo that has taken the music scene by storm and are now set to dazzle Europe at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö with their entry “Teresa & Maria.”

Alyona Alyona, whose real name is Alyona Savranenko, is a trailblazing rapper known for her powerful lyrics and unique sound that is revolutionizing the Ukrainian hip-hop landscape.

Her rise to fame has been meteoric, and she’s been celebrated for her ability to break stereotypes and push boundaries in the music industry.

Jerry Heil, on the other hand, is a versatile and talented artist whose music spans across various genres, from pop to electronic. She has an otherworldly knack for creating catchy tunes that resonate with a wide audience, and her engaging online presence has made her a social media sensation.

Together, Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil make an unstoppable team, combining their distinctive musical styles to create something truly special for Eurovision.

Chosen through the Ukrainian national selection process, Vidbir 2024, their song “Teresa & Maria” resonated with the public and judges which firmly secured their spot at Eurovision.

These artists’ collaboration is a bold move for Ukraine that showcases the country’s diverse musical talent and its commitment to making a statement on the Eurovision stage.

With their infectious enthusiasm and undeniable talent, Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil are poised to give a performance that will not only captivate Eurovision audiences but also highlight the vibrant culture and spirit of Ukraine.

Get ready, Europe, because this duo is sure to bring the house down in Malmö!

Song Analysis – “Teresa & Maria”

The song “Teresa & Maria” by Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil is a compelling piece that intertwines the themes of resilience, femininity, and spiritual guidance.

At its core, the song speaks to the struggles and adversities faced by women.

This is symbolized by the world weighing down on a girl’s shoulders and the challenging paths she must navigate, like streams and detours that represent life’s obstacles.

The powerful lyrics evoke the presence of Mother Teresa and the Virgin Mary, figures emblematic of compassion and purity, as guiding forces for women navigating these hardships.

Meanwhile, the refrain “Barefoot, as if on a blade, walked on the ground” suggests walking through life’s difficulties with courage and grace. It’s much like these iconic figures who have experienced the earthly challenges themselves.

The song also addresses societal expectations placed on women, questioning their life choices and imposing standards on their strength, appearance, and roles. It highlights the pressure to conform to a certain image, the scrutiny over personal decisions, and the fleeting nature of time.

But this song isn’t about complaining!

Despite these challenges, “Teresa & Maria” carries an uplifting message of inner strength and support from the ancestral and divine feminine.

It’s a reminder that even in the darkest and most daunting moments, there is a legacy of strong women and spiritual guardians watching over, offering solace and strength.

“Mother Teresa and Virgin Mary are with us” serves as an empowering chorus, reinforcing the idea that every woman embodies the spirit of these divas—remarkable in their humanity and capable of overcoming life’s sharp edges.

This song is an anthem of hope, resilience, and the unbreakable connection to a lineage of powerful women who have walked the earth before.

Overall Impression

Despite some technical hiccups with the sound mixing during Vidbir, Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil still rose above to deliver a stellar performance that left a lasting impression.

There’s an undeniable sense of empowering drama woven into the fabric of “Teresa & Maria” that captivates and energizes, making it a mainstay on my playlist. The song has that rare repeat quality, where each listen feels as fresh and stirring as the first.

Now, let’s just be really honest here…

Rap is a genre that historically faces an uphill battle on the Eurovision stage. We’ve seen some successes, but there have been a lot more fails.

However, Alyona Alyona’s impeccable flow is a game-changer. When paired with Jerry Heil’s atmospheric and mood-setting contributions, the result is a performance that’s not just musically impressive, but also emotionally resonant.

And let’s talk about that hook – the “hey ya, hey ya, hey ya” is irresistibly catchy. It’s the kind of chant that echoes in your head long after the song is over. I simply can’t stop humming it.


Looking ahead to the Eurovision Song Contest, it feels like a safe bet to predict that Ukraine’s impeccable track record of qualifying will remain unbroken.

“Teresa & Maria” isn’t just a song; it’s a narrative and slice of artistry that’s begging for the right staging to fully unleash its potential.

With its thoughtful and evocative presentation, Ukraine’s entry has all the makings of an unforgettable Eurovision moment that’s bound to leave its mark on the competition.

Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil – “Teresa & Maria” – (After the Show)

Ukraine’s entry for Eurovision 2024, “Teresa & Maria” by Jerry Heil and Alyona Alyona, is a testament to the country’s remarkable ability to consistently deliver powerful performances on the Eurovision stage.

Jerry Heil’s enchanting vocals paired with Alyona Alyona’s dynamic rap verses create an unforgettable musical experience.

The song itself is not just a performance; it’s an emotional odyssey that resonates deeply, stirring the soul and capturing the listener’s full attention.

“Teresa & Maria” is a beautiful blend of intensity and melody, showcasing the unique talents of both artists and leaving us with a sense of awe at their harmonious collaboration.

The staging of “Teresa & Maria” was a standout at Eurovision 2024, setting the bar high with its mesmerizing visual effects and a cascade of memorable moments.

The performance was a spectacle of lights and energy, with a particularly striking moment when Alyona Alyona’s rap verses took center stage, backed by the haunting chorus of “hey ya, hey ya.” This part of the act was not just a highlight but a powerful statement that elevated the entire performance, making it one of the most talked-about acts of the year.

Ukraine’s status as a Eurovision powerhouse was solidified once again with this entry, as they proved their ability to blend contemporary sounds with impactful stage presence, making “Teresa & Maria” an act that will be remembered for years to come.

Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil – “Teresa & Maria” – Lyrics (Original)

Probyva sobi shlyakh
Shcho by shcho by ne bulo
Svit na yiyi plechakh

Zlyvysti, skelyasti
Ale znaj: v tvoyiy rutsi
Tvoye vlasne shchastya

Davaj, mala, palay
I’m not holy, I’m alive

Z namy Mama Tereza i Diva Mariya
Bosi, niby po lezu, jshly po zemli
With us Mama Teresa, Diva Maria
All the Divas were born as a human beings
Z namy Mama Tereza i Diva Mariya
Bosi, niby po lezu, jshly po zemli
With us Mama Teresa, Diva Maria
All the Divas were born as a human beings

Navit’ shche zmalya my shukaly shlyakh
Ta zhyttya – petlya, niby dlya tykh, khto padaye
Na svoyikh plechakh shche male divcha
Nece z bolyu chakh i vbacha, shcho to vada ye
Znobu ne taka, to nadto m’yaka
Odyah na kistkakh, golyaka chy to pid vinets’
De tvoye dytya? Shcho tvoye zhyttya?
Ta roky zh petyat’! I zatyam: skoro vzhe kinets’
I khaj khtos’ khoche aby my zlamalys’
Khaj buva v tobi zaryadu
Ne po likot’ a po palets’
I khaj khtos’ khova za posmishkoyu
Nenavyst’ i zazdrist’
Koly ty puskayesh v sertse hniv
Dobra lyubovi zamist’
Ale v nebi ye svyati
Yikh nohy bachyly tsyu zemlyu, znayesh
Tvyij ternystyj shlyakh
Same tomu ye ne daremno
I khaj bude duzhe strashno j temno
I chasom ne lehko
Ta z toboyu zabzhdy budut’
Z neba sliduvaty predky

Z namy Mama Tereza i Diva Mariya
Bosi, niby po lezu, jshly po zemli
With us Mama Teresa, Diva Maria
All the Divas were born as a human beings
Z namy Mama Tereza i Diva Mariya
Bosi, niby po lezu, jshly po zemli
With us Mama Teresa, Diva Maria
All the Divas were born as a humаn beingѕ

Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil – “Teresa & Maria” – Lyrics (Translated)

A stre-stre-stream
Making its way
No matter-no matter what
The world is on her shoulders

Rainy, rocky
But know this: it’s in your hand
Your own happiness

Come on, little girl, light up
I’m not holy, I’m alive

Mother Teresa and Virgin Mary are with us
Barefoot, as if on a blade, walked on the ground
With us Mama Teresa, Diva Maria
All the Divas were born as a human beings
Mother Teresa and Virgin Mary are with us
Barefoot, as if on a blade, walked on the ground
With us Mama Teresa, Diva Maria
All the Divas were born as a human beings

Even from a young age, we were looking for a way
But life is a loop, as if for those who fall
A little girl is still carrying on her shoulders
Painfully, a bucket and she knows that it’s a flaw
You aren’t right again, you’re too soft
Clothes hanging on your bones, naked or going to marry
Where is your child? What is your life?
But the years fly by! And then: soon it will be over
And let them want us to break
Sometimes you only have so much energy
Not up to the elbow, but up to the finger
And let them hide behind a smile
Hate and envy
When you let anger into your heart
Instead of kindness and love
But there are saints in heaven
Their feet have seen this land, you know
Your thorny path
That is why it’s not in vain
And let it be very scary and dark
And sometimes it’s not easy
But they will always be with you
Ancestors following you from the sky

Mother Teresa and Virgin Mary are with us
Barefoot, as if on a blade, walked on the ground
With us Mama Teresa, Diva Maria
All the Divas were born as a human beings
Mother Teresa and Virgin Mary are with us
Barefoot, as if on a blade, walked on the ground
With us Mama Teresa, Diva Maria
All the Divas were born as a humаn beingѕ

Final Thoughts – “Teresa & Maria”

As we wrap up our journey through the powerful narrative of “Teresa & Maria,” it’s clear that Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil have not only delivered a song with a strong message.

They’ve brought something that resonates with the very soul of Eurovision—celebrating diversity, strength, and the human spirit.

This track is a testament to the power of music to uplift and inspire, to carry the torch of iconic figures like Mother Teresa and the Virgin Mary. It reminds us that we all have a bit of divinity within us, ready to face life’s sharp edges barefoot and brave.

Now, it’s your turn to let your voice be heard!

Dive into the comments below and share your thoughts on “Teresa & Maria.” Do you feel the strength of the divas guiding you through the song? Can you hear the ancestral echoes in the melody?

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After all, when it comes to Eurovision, we’re all divas in the making, and this year, Ukraine is showing us how it’s done, one “hey ya” at a time!