Prepare to be whisked away on a nostalgia-filled joyride with Belgium’s electrifying entry in Eurovision 2023!

Gustaph’s “Because of You” is a high-octane homage to the 90s dance floor anthems that defined a generation. This isn’t just a song; it’s a vibrant burst of energy, a dazzling display that’s as much a visual feast as it is an auditory delight.

Embark with us on an exhilarating exploration of the beats, moves, and sheer exuberance that Gustaph brought to the Eurovision stage.

We’ll delve into the essence of the track, share candid insights on the performance that had us all cheering, and, of course, present the lyrics that help make “Because of You” the irresistible earworm it is.

Whether you’re a seasoned Eurovision fan or a newcomer caught in the whirlwind of this musical fiesta, gear up for an article that dances to the beat of Gustaph’s unforgettable Eurovision journey.

Belgium has spoken, and with “Because of You,” we’re all invited to the party of the decade!

Who is Gustaph?

Gustaph, the electrifying Belgian sensation, is a performer and vocal coach who embodies the spirit of Eurovision with his dynamic presence and compelling voice.

His real name is Stef Caers, and he’s been dazzling audiences long before his solo spotlight at Eurovision 2023 with the anthemic bop “Because of You” .

Gustaph’s Eurovision story began behind the scenes, where he lent his vocal talents as a backing singer not once, but twice.

His first stint was in 2018, where he supported Sennek, and he returned to the Eurovision stage in 2021 to back Hooverphonic, gaining invaluable experience and insight into the contest’s unique energy and scale.

This seasoned Eurovision veteran was then selected to represent Belgium in 2023, a decision that sent waves of excitement through the Eurovision community.

His selection was a nod to his exceptional artistry and the captivating quality of his music. Gustaph’s victory at the Eurosong 2023, Belgium’s national final, wasn’t just a win; it was a declaration of his readiness to step into the limelight and showcase the best of Belgian pop on the international stage.

With his previous Eurovision experiences as a backing vocalist, Gustaph brought a wealth of knowledge and a seasoned perspective to his performance.

As such, his performance at Eurovision 2023 was a celebration of his journey from supporting roles to center stage, marking a high point in Belgium’s rich Eurovision history.

This makes it even more fitting that his song “Because of You” is a rousing call to self-confidence and empowerment, delivered with the infectious energy that only Gustaph can bring.

Song Analysis – “Because of You”

“Because of You” is an uplifting anthem celebrating the power of love and support in overcoming challenges.

Gustaph becomes a mouthpiece for all of us who have been outcasts for our differences. The lyrics convey a message of resilience and strength in the face of adversity, emphasizing the transformative impact of a supportive presence in one’s life.

This presence could be a partner, a close group of friends, or an entire community who have our backs no matter what we’re facing.

When the world seems overwhelming and people doubt us, Gustaph encourages us to look to those around us for the strength to persevere and thrive.

There’s a strong sense of empowerment to this song and Gustaph’s performance in Liverpool. This sense is meant to inspire us to embrace self-love, celebrate life, and continue moving forward despite the obstacles we may be facing.

With its infectious energy and positive message, “Because of You” resonates as a powerful declaration of determination and gratitude, making it a standout entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The song’s dynamic blend of emotive lyrics and catchy melody embodies the spirit of resilience and joy, capturing the hearts of audiences across diverse backgrounds and experiences.

All in all, “Because of You” is the vibrant and affirming anthem we need to celebrate the transformative influence of love and support. It’s delivering a message of hope and empowerment to all who listen and encouraging us to be ourselves and go wild!

Overall Impression

From the moment the beat drops, Gustaph’s “Because of You” transports us straight to a 90s dance club, where the rhythm is infectious and the energy is unstoppable.

This song isn’t just a track; it’s a time machine that revives the pulse-pounding vibes of an era that knew how to party!

Gustaph’s performance was nothing short of a spectacular celebration of queer culture, bursting with pride and exuberance that lights up not just the stage but the hearts of everyone watching.

The lyrics of “Because of You” are an anthem of empowerment, a call to embrace our awesomeness and to revel in the joy of life. It’s the kind of song that seeps into your soul and refuses to leave, offering a catchy beat that’s impossible not to dance to.

In times when the world can weigh heavy on our shoulders, Gustaph delivers a much-needed reminder that it’s okay to let loose, be ourselves, and have a blast.

And let’s talk about the style and staging—oh, what a feast for the eyes!

Gustaph, in his white and pink ensemble, crowned with an iconic large hat, commanded the stage with an effortless cool that’s hard to come by. The performance was a kaleidoscope of fun and flair, with gorgeous backup singers and incredible voguing that added layers of fabulousness to an already stellar show.

Witnessing this performance was like being part of a vibrant, living artwork, where every detail was crafted to create an experience that was both fun and slick, not to mention undeniably fantastic.

Gustaph – “Because of You” – Lyrics

And when the world got me going crazy
I’ll carry on
And it’s all because of you
Because of you

Remember when they told us
“You’re not good enough”
And then you came into my life
And you changed my world for good

You told me to love myself a bit harder than yesterday
‘Cause life is too short and we sure got to celebrate

And when the world got me going crazy
I’ll carry on
‘Cause I know I’m strong
When the world got me going crazy
I’ll carry on
And it’s all because of you
Because of you

Remember when they tried to break us
Well, look at us now
You told me the right thing at the right time
And you got me feeling wild

Now I love myself much more than I did yesterday
‘Cause life is too short and we sure got to celebrate

And when the world got me going crazy
I’ll carry on
‘Cause I know I’m strong
When the world got me going crazy
I’ll carry on
And it’s all because of

I’ll carry on despite of the things they said and done
They’ll never kill this fire
Your love will take me higher
It’s all because of you
Because of you

Well, because of you

Because of you I keep on going, baby, baby, for a brighter day

And when the world got me going crazy
I’ll carry on
See, I’ll carry on because of you

(When the world got me going crazy)
(I’ll carry on)
Said I’ll carry on

And when the world got me going crazy
See, I will carry on
And it’s all because of you
Because of you
Becаuѕe of you

Final Thoughts – “Because of You”

In a whirlwind of glitter and groove, Gustaph’s “Because of You” has left an indelible mark on Eurovision 2023 and on our dancing spirits.

It’s a song that captures the essence of celebration, a performance that will be etched in our memories as a bright spot in Eurovision history. As the final notes fade out, we’re left with a lingering sense of joy and a desire to hit ‘replay’ and experience it all over again.

Now, we turn the spotlight to you, dear readers!

What did you think of Belgium’s electric entry? Did Gustaph’s performance get your feet tapping and your heart pumping? Drop your thoughts, feelings, and dance moves in the comments below—we’re all ears and ready to dance along with your opinions!

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