Hold onto your hats, Eurovision fans! LADANIVA is about to take you on a wild ride with their latest bop, “Jako.”

Trust me, it’s a tune that will have you tossing your scorecards into the air with delight!

In this electrifying article, we’ll dissect the irresistible beats, the cheeky charm, and the cultural fiesta that this Armenian powerhouse has packed into their Eurovision entry.

So, lace up your dancing shoes and prepare for a deep dive into a song that’s as mischievously enchanting as a fairy with a boombox.

Are you ready to find out why “Jako” might just be the most unforgettable earworm of the year? Let’s get the party started!

This is the Eurovision Corgi review of “Jako” by LADANIVA for Eurovision 2024.


LADANIVA is an exhilarating musical duo known for their vibrant fusion of traditional Armenian folk music with contemporary sounds, creating a colorful tapestry that resonates with audiences both young and old.

Comprised of the charismatic Armenian vocalist Jaklin Baghdasaryan and French multi-instrumentalist Louis Thomas, LADANIVA brings an infectious energy to the stage that is both refreshing and deeply rooted in cultural heritage.

Their music is a celebration of diversity, often drawing from everyday life experiences to create songs that are as authentic as they are catchy.

This ability to blend cultural depth with danceable rhythms makes LADANIVA a standout act, one that is perfectly suited to the Eurovision stage, where showcasing national identity through a modern lens is highly appreciated.

LADANIVA’s selection to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2024 is a testament to their creative prowess and their potential to captivate a broader European audience. With their track “Jako,” they promise to deliver colorful and contagious dance energy that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The choice of LADANIVA for Eurovision 2024 is a bold move that reflects Armenia’s commitment to showcasing its vibrant cultural scene on an international platform. Their participation is not just about competing; it’s about sharing a piece of the Armenian soul with the world, wrapped in a package that’s as dynamic as it is culturally rich.

With LADANIVA at the helm, Armenia is poised to make a memorable impact at Malmö 2024, and I, for one, cannot wait to see them light up the stage with their electric performance!

Song Analysis – “Jako”

“Jako” by LADANIVA is a spirited anthem of self-expression and liberation, a song that beckons listeners to cast aside societal expectations and revel in the joy of being unapologetically themselves.

The lyrics, with their catchy “La la la” refrain, are a playful yet powerful rejection of the constraints often placed upon individuals, particularly women, in terms of behavior and appearance.

The song speaks directly to its namesake, Jako (singer Jaklin’s nickname since childhood), urging her to resist the pressures of humility, silence, and conformity.

It challenges the notion that one must “behave like a girl” in the traditional sense, instead celebrating the freedom that comes with dancing to the beat of one’s own drum.

Jako is encouraged to be neither too loud nor too quiet, to wear what she pleases, and to engage with the world on her own terms. This message of empowerment is encapsulated in the declaration, “But I am a free girl, so I will dance and you will watch,” which serves as a bold statement of autonomy and agency.

The song’s invitation to “come and join me” is an inclusive call to action, encouraging everyone to join in the dance of liberation, regardless of the voices that seek to restrain and control. It’s a reminder that, in the face of restrictions and the passage of time, we can find solace and strength in community and a kind of collective defiance.

The repeated exhortations to “come on, my dear” and “get up and dance” are not just about physical movement but also about rising up against the constraints that hold us back.

Ultimately, “Jako” is a celebration of individuality and cultural identity, urging us to embrace our true selves and to connect with others who share the desire for freedom. It’s a song that resonates with the heart of Eurovision’s ethos—bringing people together through music that transcends boundaries.

With “Jako,” LADANIVA isn’t just providing a soundtrack for the party; they’re offering a manifesto for life, one that’s as infectious as it is inspiring.

Overall Impression

From the very first listen, “Jako” by LADANIVA has been an absolute earworm for me. It’s the kind of ethno-bop that you just can’t help but play on a loop.

There’s something irresistibly fun about the track that has gripped me, and I suspect many others will feel the same.

The music video adds another layer of delight to the experience, with Jaklin exuding a mischievous, fairy-like energy that’s nothing short of captivating. Her performance is filled with a playful charm that’s as enchanting as the music itself.

Eurovision has always been a platform that celebrates the rich tapestry of cultures across the continent, and Armenia has consistently leveraged this opportunity to showcase its heritage.

“Jako” is a brilliant example of this, bringing Armenian culture to the forefront in a way that’s both respectful and incredibly engaging.

It’s a song that could very well climb to the top of my list of personal favorite Armenian entries in the history of the contest. Which, considering how strong Armenia usually is (case in point: Brunette last year with “Future Lover”…)

But the true genius of LADANIVA lies in their unique ability to weave a diverse array of folk influences into a single, cohesive musical masterpiece.

“Jako” is a testament to this talent, blending Balkan beats, Arabic melodies, and African rhythms with hints of Bollywood flair and French jazz nuances (to name only a few!)

This rich, multicultural blend is what makes “Jako” stand out as one of the most eclectic and universally appealing entries Eurovision has ever seen.

LADANIVA’s skillful fusion of these varied sounds not only represents Armenia but also celebrates a world of music, making “Jako” a song that resonates far beyond borders.

LADANIVA – “Jako” – Lyrics (Original)

La la la…

Indz asum yen. «Jako՛, k’ez khelok’ pahi՛
Shat mi՛ khosa
Shat sus el mi՛ nsti
Hagi՛, bats’i՛, p’aki՛
Aghjka pes k’ez pahi՛»
Yes aghjik yem azat
Yes kparem, du el nayi՛

La la la…

Ari՛, ari՛, ari՛ du indz miats’i՛
Mek a, mek a, mek a, ov inch’ kasi
Eli, eli, eli zhamin ch’enk’ nayi
Heli՛, heli՛, heli՛ boyid matagh
Ve՛r katѕ’, pari՛

La la lа…

LADANIVA – “Jako” – Lyrics (English)

La la la…

They tell me: “Jako, be humble
Don’t talk too much
Don’t stay too quiet
Wear this, open this, close that
Behave like a girl!”
But I am a free girl
So I will dance and you will watch

La la la…

Come, come, come and join me
No matter what they ѕay
We will forget about the time again
Come on, come on, come on, my dear
Get up and dance

La la lа…

Final Thoughts – “Jako”

And there you have it, folks—the full scoop on LADANIVA’s “Jako,” a song that’s set to make Eurovision history with its foot-stomping beats and free-spirited flair.

As we’ve seen, this isn’t just a track; it’s a cultural carnival, a defiant dance-off, and a sly wink all wrapped up in one irresistible package.

Between this, Marina Satti for Greece and Azerbaijan’s Fahree (to name only a couple), I simply can’t wait for an all-out ethno-bop party!

But now it’s your turn to weigh in! Drop us a comment below and let us know if “Jako” has you jumping for joy or if it’s left you craving even more.

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