Malik Harris isn’t just strumming a guitar; he’s strumming heartstrings with his Eurovision entry “Rockstars,” a tune that might just make you want to dig out your old high school yearbook.

With a wink and a nod to the days when we all felt like the kings and queens of our own little worlds, Harris delivers a performance that’s equal parts nostalgia and wake-up call to the present.

In this article, we’re going to crank up the volume on “Rockstars” and dissect every chord and chorus that makes us miss our carefree past.

So, grab your backstage pass, and let’s get ready to rock down memory lane. Who knows, by the end of it, you might even find yourself reaching for that old air guitar – because let’s face it, we all have a bit of a rockstar still in us, don’t we?

This is the Eurovision Corgi review of “Rockstars” by Malik Harris for Eurovision 2022.

Who Is Malik Harris?

Malik Harris is a dynamic German-American singer-songwriter with an incredible flair for blending genres, creating music that resonates with a wide audience.

Born in 1997 in Landsberg am Lech, Malik grew up in a musical household, which undoubtedly influenced his artistic development. His father is an American TV presenter and actor, giving him a unique bicultural perspective that enriches his music.

Malik’s musical journey is marked by his authentic self-expression and his ability to craft songs that are both introspective and relatable. His songwriting skills are self-evident; he’s been honing them for over a decade, using his guitar as a faithful companion in the creative process.

And his talents have not gone unnoticed! Malik has supported renowned UK artists like James Blunt and Tom Odell, and his caliber as a performer speaks volumes.

When it comes to representing Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, Malik’s song “Rockstars” is a testament to his songwriting prowess, a piece that he was inspired to write after watching an episode of his favorite show, “The Office.”

The song is a heartfelt anthem that encapsulates the spirit of youthful nostalgia and the bittersweet nature of growing up. It’s a theme that’s universally relatable, making it a perfect piece for the international stage of Eurovision.

Despite finishing in the last place with 6 points, Malik’s performance at Eurovision was nothing short of passionate and sincere. The fact that “Rockstars” was later certified Gold is a clear indication of its popularity and his potential as an artist.

Malik Harris embodies the spirit of Eurovision by bringing people together through music that transcends borders. His participation in the contest was a celebration of his artistry and a moment of pride for Germany, showcasing the country’s contemporary musical talent on one of the world’s biggest stages.

Germany at ESC 2022: The Electric Callboy Controversy

There was a bit of controversy surrounding Germany’s representation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, involving the metalcore band Eskimo Callboy and the eventual representative, Malik Harris.

Eskimo Callboy, known for their energetic music and performances, expressed interest in representing Germany at Eurovision and had a strong and vocal fanbase supporting their bid. According to fans and various reports, the band was a favorite to win the national selection with their song “Pump It.”

However, despite their popularity and the anticipation of their participation, Eskimo Callboy did not become part of the official lineup for the national selection process.

The reasons behind this decision were not entirely clear to the public, which led to disappointment and controversy among fans who were hoping to see a different musical style represented by Germany at the international contest.

In contrast, Malik Harris, with his song “Rockstars,” was selected through the national process to represent Germany.

While Malik is a talented artist in his own right, the decision was met with mixed reactions due to the expectations set by Eskimo Callboy’s potential entry. Some fans felt that Eskimo Callboy could have brought a fresh and unconventional performance to Eurovision, possibly improving Germany’s chances in the competition.

The situation highlighted the diverse musical tastes within the German Eurovision fan community and the challenges that come with selecting a representative that can unite various audience preferences.

While the selection of Malik Harris was legitimate and followed the national selection rules, the controversy underscored the passionate investment of Eurovision fans in their country’s representative and the desire for a competitive entry that aligns with their vision for the contest.

Song Analysis – “Rockstars”

“Rockstars” by Malik Harris is a song that delves into the complex tapestry of nostalgia, reflecting on the simplicity and carefree spirit of youth. It speaks to the universal human experience of looking back on the “good old days” with a sense of longing and the bittersweet realization that those times have passed.

The lyrics paint a picture of a time when life was less complicated, when being happy felt effortless, and the future was a distant concern.

Malik reminisces about being “the rockstars,” a metaphor for a state of mind where one feels invincible, unburdened by life’s pressures and the weight of expectations. As the song progresses, the narrative shifts to the present, where life has lost its former luster, and the once bright and gleaming days now seem dull.

Harris touches on the emotional struggle that comes with growing up—confronting one’s fears, insecurities, and the relentless march of time. The desire to return to a period of innocence is palpable, as is the frustration of being unable to recapture that sense of wonder and freedom.

The song’s chorus is a yearning for the impossible, a wish to go back to dreaming and to recognize the precious moments before they slip away.

The song also addresses the internal battle with self-doubt and the longing to escape the critical voices within. It’s a candid confession of wanting to shed one’s current identity, if only temporarily, to relive a time when confidence wasn’t overshadowed by self-scrutiny and the fear of obscurity.

“Rockstars” is an anthem for those who find themselves caught in the tide of change, seeking solace in memories while grappling with the present.

It’s a reminder that while we cannot turn back time, the echoes of our past selves continue to resonate within us, shaping who we are and who we aspire to be.

Malik Harris captures this sentiment with a poignant clarity, inviting listeners to reflect on their own journeys and the fleeting nature of life’s gleaming moments.

Overall Impression

Malik Harris possesses an undeniable charm that shines through in his Eurovision 2022 entry, “Rockstars.” His performance exudes a genuine authenticity that captivates the audience without overdoing it.

The song’s narrative, which reflects on the passage of time and the wistfulness of youth, has a universal appeal. Malik’s ability to convey this story is both compelling and poignant, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of introspection and nostalgia.

In the Eurovision landscape, where boldness and the unexpected often garner the spotlight, “Rockstars” represented a more conservative approach. It appeared as though Germany aimed to replicate the emotional resonance that earned them fourth place in 2018 with Michael Schulte’s “You Let Me Walk Alone.”

Malik’s entry, much like Schulte’s, tugged at the heartstrings, offering a tender and reflective moment amidst the contest’s usual flamboyance.

While “Rockstars” may not be groundbreaking, it is far from a lackluster track.

Witnessing the unwarranted negativity directed at Malik following the contest was disheartening. His artistry and the integrity of his song should be applauded, regardless of the competition’s outcome.

Nevertheless, Germany’s continued streak of underwhelming Eurovision results cannot be ignored.

This prompts speculation about what might have been had Eskimo Callboy, with their vibrant and unconventional style, been given the chance to compete on the Eurovision stage. The question lingers in the air—could they have turned the tide for Germany?

The what-ifs remain, but one thing is certain: Malik Harris delivered a performance that was heartfelt and true to his artistic vision.

Malik Harris – “Rockstars” – Lyrics

Look where we are
We used to be the rockstars
Who never thought of no harm
‘Til this thing we call life stopped gleaming
I wish there was a way to go back dreaming
Remembering gets so hard
When time is moving so fast
Wish there was a way to know that we’re in
The good old days before we all just leave ’em

I tried getting rid of the pain
I tried to make it go away but it probably won’t change
Always thinking ’bout my own worries
Remember back when we had no worries?
Now life just ain’t hitting the same
I sit and miss and reminisce about innocent old days
When I was afraid of nobody
Now I’m afraid of being a nobody

Don’t wanna leave my bed
I’ll just stay and never get it together
‘Cause the voices in my head
They keep saying it’ll never get better

Look where we are
We used to be the rockstars
Who never thought of no harm
‘Til this thing we call life stopped gleaming
I wish there was a way to go back dreaming
Remembering gets so hard
When time is moving so fast
Wish there was a way to know that we’re in
The good old days before we all just leave ’em

Sometimes I got this kinda sting that’s right inside my chest
It’s only purpose is convincing me that I’m a mess
And even though it’s always been an uninvited guest
It finds a way in nonetheless
Wish I could change my address
And you know
Just be somebody else for a couple of days
Although I’m pretty sure we all feel the same kinda way
‘Cause if you think about it
Aren’t we all set in a place
Where we look back at better days
And wish they weren’t so far away?

I wish that I could just go back and be the way I was
I wish I’d still not give a damn ’bout how I come across
I wish the way I saw myself had never gotten lost
In all the worries
All the thoughts
All the parts
So exhausted
Always caught
Up inside my doubts and flaws
And Imma count them all
Somebody catch me, I’m ’bout to fall
Yeah I’m ’bout to fall
Can we press pause?
Or do a restart
And be who we are?

We used to be the rockstars
Who never thought of no harm
‘Til this thing we call life stopped gleaming
I wish there was a way to go back dreaming
Remembering gets so hard
When time is moving so fast
Wish there was a way to know that we’re in
The good old days before we all just leave ’em

(We used to be the rockstars)
Didn’t we?
(We used to be the rockstars)
Didn’t we
Use to be the rockstars? (We used to be the rockstars)
Yeah we used to be the rockstars (We used to be the rockstars)

Remembering gets so hard
When time is moving so fast
Wish there was a way to know that we’re in
The good old days before we all juѕt leаve ’em

Final Thoughts – “Rockstars”

And there we have it, folks—a deep dive into Malik Harris’s “Rockstars,” a song that strums the nostalgia strings and reminds us that the stage of life is always ready for one more encore.

Whether it’s the chords that tug at your heart or the lyrics that echo your own story, there’s no denying that this tune has the power to transport us back to our glory days.

So, what’s your take? Did “Rockstars” hit the right note for you, or was it a bit of a ‘b-side’ in your personal playlist? Drop your thoughts in the comments and let’s get the conversation rocking.

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