Get ready for a wild ride because Megara is crashing the Eurovision party with their latest banger, “11:11.”

In this piece, we’re not just scratching the surface—we’re going full-on rockstar and tearing it down to the studs with an in-depth look at the song that’s got everyone’s attention.

From our unabashedly honest take on the track to a breakdown that’s as sharp as the band’s guitar riffs, we’ve got it all, plus the lyrics for those who dare to belt it out loud.

So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare your air guitars; we’re about to launch into a world where Megara reigns supreme, and “11:11” is the anthem of the hour.

Ready to rock your socks off? Let’s hit it!

This is the Eurovision Corgi review of “11:11” by Megara for Eurovision 2024.

Who Is Megara?

Megara is a dynamic and vibrant Spanish band known for their electrifying music and captivating stage presence. With a sound that blends alternative rock with electronic elements, they bring a fresh and energetic vibe to the music scene.

Although they sought to represent Spain in last year’s Eurovision, their journey has taken an exciting turn as they now stand poised to bring their talents to the Eurovision stage on behalf of San Marino with their song “11:11”

Megara’s experience in the music industry, coupled with their fierce and theatrical performances, makes them a standout choice to represent San Marino.

They have a knack for creating an unforgettable show, which is exactly the kind of energy Eurovision thrives on. Their ability to engage with the audience and deliver a song with conviction and flair suggests that Megara could be a memorable act at the competition.

In a fascinating twist of fate, this year’s Spanish entry, Nebulossa, had previously attempted to represent San Marino, just as Megara had tried to represent Spain. This musical chair of representation adds a layer of intrigue and excitement to this year’s contest, showcasing the interconnectedness of the Eurovision community and the shared passion for music across borders.

With their bold style and proven track record of captivating performances, Megara is well-equipped to make a significant impact at Eurovision 2024, potentially propelling San Marino into the spotlight on one of the world’s biggest stages for music.

The anticipation is high, and the stage is set for what promises to be an exhilarating performance from Megara at Eurovision!

Song Analysis – “11:11”

“11:11” by Megara is a fiery anthem that captures the essence of heartbreak and defiance with a rock and roll spirit. It’s not just a song; it’s a statement—a bold declaration of self-worth and resilience in the face of emotional turmoil.

The lyrics paint a picture of someone who has experienced the sting of a broken heart, acknowledging the pain but refusing to be defined by it. The wound is there, but it’s not romanticized; it’s a fact of life, neither tragic nor dramatic.

The chorus pulsates with a challenge to stop dwelling on the past, to stop searching for what’s already gone. It’s a call to move forward, to recognize that if one person doesn’t value you, others will.

There’s an empowering message woven throughout the song: the importance of self-respect and the refusal to be brought down by anyone who underestimates you.

Megara brings an electrifying energy to the idea that they don’t care about the haters (“I-D-G-A-F”). They’re here to rock, and they’ve already lit up stages with their presence—Benidorm being a notable mention, likely a nod to their past experiences.

The song challenges the listener to give them a reason to change, to prove that they’re worth more than just empty words and false promises.

The lyrics also touch upon the authenticity of their music. They’re not trying to be something they’re not; they’re not the “ferocious wolf” but rather the genuine article in a world where authenticity is often questioned.

And they make it clear—they love to party, but their hearts beat for rock music.

“11:11” is a rallying cry for anyone who’s ever felt dismissed or undervalued. It’s for those who stand up and insist on being heard, for those who love fiercely and live passionately.

Megara isn’t just performing a song; they’re embodying the spirit of anyone who’s ever had to fight to be recognized, and they’re doing it with the unstoppable force of rock and roll.

This is more than music; it’s a movement.

Overall Impression

Megara’s entry into Eurovision 2024 is a breath of fresh air for rock enthusiasts and a bold statement in the face of the music industry’s expectations.

Their unwavering commitment to their sound is a direct challenge to the trend where rock acts are often unjustly criticized for supposedly softening their edge. This was evident in the past, such as with the unfair critiques faced by Germany’s Lord of the Lost last year.

Megara is not only standing their ground but they’re also calling out the naysayers, showing that they’re not here to conform but to revolutionize.

As for their show itself, Megara’s performance at San Marino’s national selection was nothing short of electrifying.

With driving rhythms that get your heart pumping, an undeniable style and charisma that captivate audiences, and fantastic choreography that adds an extra layer of dynamism to their act, Megara is poised to deliver a show that Eurovision fans will remember.

They have all the ingredients necessary to potentially secure San Marino’s best result ever, and what’s most commendable is that they’re doing it their way.

Megara’s journey to the Eurovision stage is a testament to their hard work, persistence, and undeniable talent. It’s truly inspiring to witness a band not just participate, but also stay true to their artistic vision and identity in such a grand arena.

As an advocate for the underdog, it’s always heartwarming to see sheer determination and talent shine through.

I’m beyond proud of what Megara has achieved and am thrilled to support them. For San Marino and for rock fans everywhere, Megara’s participation this year isn’t just a no-brainer—it’s a cause for celebration.

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Megara – “11:11” – Lyrics (Original)

Tengo roto el corazón
Pero es algo irónico
Nada romántico
Una herida entre los dos
Sé que suena trágico
Pero no

¿Puedes parar de perder el tiempo
Buscando to’, buscando mis venas?
Sé que no hay na’ qué hacer
¿Pero usted quién es?
Por favor, sáquenlo pa’ fuera

Vas a poder saltar toda la noche
Ven y dame una razón
Para querer cambiar esas voces
Sabes que unas mienten y otras no

Que si tú no me quieres
Otra gente me querrá

Quieres ser lobo feroz
Y eres el patético mal menor
Piensas que puedes abatirme
Prendimos Benidorm
Dices que es ilógico
Incluso mágico
Y solo es rock and roll

Vas a poder saltar toda la noche
Ven y dame una razón
Para querer cambiar esas voces
Sabes que unas mienten y otras no

Dame una señal (toda la noche)
Siempre quiero más
No daré ni un paso atrás
Si estoy donde tú estás

We like to party
But we love rock

Vas a poder saltar toda la noche
Ven y dame una razón
Para querer cambiar esas voces
Sabes que unas mienten

E tu potrai saltare tutta la notte
Dammi una ragione
Per volere cambiare queste voci
Sai che solo alcune mentono

Que si tú no me quiereѕ
Otrа gente me querrá

Megara – “11:11” – Lyrics (English)

My heart is broken
But it’s something ironic
Nothing romantic
A wound between the two
I know it sounds tragic
But it’s not

Can you stop wasting time
Looking for everything, looking for my veins?
I know there’s nothing to do
But who are you?
Please, take him away

You’ll be able to jump all night
Come and give me a reason
To want to change those voices
You know some lie and others don’t

Because if you don’t want me
Other people will

You want to be the ferocious wolf
And you’re the pathetic lesser evil
You think you can bring me down
We lit up Benidorm
You say it’s illogical
Even magical
And it’s just rock and roll

You’ll be able to jump all night
Come and give me a reason
To want to change those voices
You know some lie and others don’t

Give me a sign (all night long)
I always want more
I won’t take a step back
If I’m where you are

We like to party
But we love rock

You’ll be able to jump all night
Come and give me a reason
To want to change those voices
You know some lie

You’ll be able to jump all night
Come and give me a reason
To want to change those voices
You know some lie

Becauѕe if you don’t wаnt me
Other people will

Final Thoughts – “11:11”

And there you have it, folks—the final chord has been struck on our rock odyssey with Megara’s “11:11.”

As the echoes of their Eurovision entry fade out, we’re left with the reverberating energy of a song that’s as unyielding as it is unforgettable.

But don’t let the conversation end here; your voice is the encore we’re waiting for! Drop a comment and tell us if “11:11” struck a chord with you or if it’s just a minute past your musical taste.

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So, keep the party jumping, and let’s make “11:11” our lucky number this Eurovision season.