Step into the sequin-studded world of Eurovision as we turn the spotlight on Israel’s dazzling contender for 2022, the one and only Michael Ben David.

With a performance that could light up the darkest of nights and a voice that echoes through the heart of Europe, he brought “I.M” to life—a song that’s a veritable battle cry for self-empowerment and authenticity.

Prepare to be whisked away on a journey through the pulsating rhythm, the raw emotion, and the unapologetic boldness that Michael brought to the stage.

This article isn’t just a deep dive into the mechanics of a Eurovision hit; it’s an ode to a song that champions the courage to be oneself, complete with an analysis, personal musings on the performance, and, of course, the lyrics that have us all singing into our toothbrush microphones.

So, let’s get ready to embrace the spectacle, the drama, and the undeniable charm of Eurovision’s unforgettable anthem, “I.M.”

This is the Eurovision Corgi review of “I.M” by Michael Ben David for Eurovision 2022.

Who Is Michael Ben David?

Michael Ben David is a rising star in the music scene, known for his charismatic presence and powerful vocals.

Bursting onto the international stage, Michael was chosen to represent Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 after his impressive victory on The X Factor Israel.

Michael’s journey to Eurovision is a testament to his artistry and the incredible energy that he brings to the stage.

His song “I.M” is an anthem of self-confidence and embracing one’s identity, themes that resonate widely and align perfectly with the spirit of Eurovision, which celebrates diversity and individuality.

The decision to send Michael Ben David to Eurovision was a bold move that showcased Israel’s commitment to highlighting dynamic and inspiring artists on the world’s stage.

His performance at the PalaOlimpico in Turin was nothing short of extravagant, filled with energy and flair that truly embodied the essence of Eurovision’s grand spectacle.

Song Analysis – “I.M”

Michael Ben David’s “I.M” is a vibrant celebration of self-confidence and self-assuredness.

Through its catchy lyrics and upbeat tempo, it encourages listeners to maintain a positive outlook (“Keep your head up”) despite life’s challenges, whether they be in love or other aspects of life.

It’s about embracing your unique qualities and owning your identity with pride (“Remember who you are”).

The repeated assertion “I know I am” serves as an empowering mantra, reinforcing the idea that self-awareness and self-belief are powerful tools. The song’s protagonist is unapologetic about who they are, inviting others to recognize their worth and strength (“You know I am”).

This theme of self-empowerment is further emphasized by the imagery of taking the crown, symbolizing victory and success achieved through confidence and determination.

The lyrics also play with the idea of being in control and leading the way (“Baby, come with me, follow me”), suggesting that knowing oneself is the first step towards leadership and taking charge of one’s destiny.

The line “I’m the fire, the power” amplifies this message, portraying the singer as a force to be reckoned with.

Furthermore, the song takes a playful approach to themes of ambition and striving for success, with lines like “I’m shameless and I’m spotless and I’m flawless” and “Always take it up ’cause I’m a winner, I don’t want less.”

It’s a bold declaration of striving for the best in oneself and not settling for mediocrity.

In essence, “I.M” is an anthem for anyone looking to find strength within themselves and a reminder that self-belief can help you overcome obstacles and rise to the top (“no one brings me down, I’m gonna take the crown”).

It’s a message that resonates with anyone who has faced doubt or adversity and serves as a reminder to always keep your head up and remember your worth.

Overall Impression

Michael Ben David is nothing short of a powerhouse performer whose talents shone brightly on the Eurovision stage in Turin.

With a vocal range that’s as impressive as it is expressive, Michael demonstrated his artistic versatility, effortlessly blending vigorous choreography with his singing, all while maintaining a pitch-perfect performance.

It’s a true testament to his stamina and skill that he could engage in such dynamic movement without so much as a hint of getting winded.

When it comes to the song “I.M,” opinions might vary among fans, but personally, the revamp won me over. The addition of the flute sounds in the chorus adds a unique and captivating layer to the track, setting it apart from the original.

That being said, I can’t help but feel a pang of nostalgia for the original choreography. While the revamped dancing in Turin was certainly memorable, its playful nature bordered on the whimsical, perhaps detracting from the song’s message.

Speaking of messages…

“I.M” is an anthem that champions self-confidence and authenticity, a theme we can all rally behind.

Music is a powerful medium for promoting such positive affirmations, yet it’s crucial for the message to be delivered with a dose of humility to avoid crossing into the territory of arrogance.

While Michael Ben David’s talent is undeniable, his demeanor at times has sparked debate, with some viewers perceiving his on and off-stage persona as tipping the scales towards arrogance rather than confidence.

It’s a delicate balance to strike and one that can make all the difference in how an artist and their message are received by the audience.

Despite this, Michael’s performance in Eurovision was a bold statement of self-expression, one that will be remembered for its fervor and passion.

Michael Ben David – “I.M” – Lyrics

Sometimes love can bring you down
But, honey
Keep your head up
Keep your head up
Keep your head up
Remember who you are

You can call me crazy
Or just call my name
You can say that I’m stunning
It’s not a shame
‘Cause I know I am
I know I am, hah
‘Cause I know I am
I know I am

I like this attitude
I like the game
You can say that I’m brave
I’m never the same
‘Cause I know I am (I know I am)
I know I am (I know I am)
‘Cause I know I am (I know I am)
Hah, I know I am

Baby, come with me, follow me
Tell me if we can take it to the floor
I’m the fire, the power
And if you’re asking
I was gonna take it all, all, all

You know I am
You know I am
‘Cause I na-na-na know I am, am
And no one brings me down
I’m gonna take the crown
Give it to me now

I’m shameless, and I’m spotless, and I’m flawless
Always take it up ’cause I’m a winner, I don’t want less
Going for the things I should, and maybe I’m ferocious
Making you the one I want, and I’m not even topless (be cautious)
It’s going down for real
Twenty-twenty-two, let’s seal the deal
(Middle East) Is the new sex appeal
Bam, bam, this is how it feels

Baby, come with me, follow me
Tell me if we can take it to the floor (oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
Ooh, I’m the fire, the power
And if you’re asking
I was gonna take it all, all, all, all

You know I am
You know I am
‘Cause I na-na-na know I am, am
And no one brings me down
I’m gonna take the crown (give it to me now)

Final Thoughts – “I.M”

As the final notes of “I.M” fade, and the spotlight dims on Michael Ben David’s Eurovision journey, we’re left reflecting on the vibrant spectacle that was.

His performance was a high-octane blend of vocal virtuosity and eye-catching choreography, a reminder of the boundless energy that Eurovision brings to the global stage.

Whether you’re team original or team revamp, there’s no denying that Michael brought a performance that was larger than life and as unforgettable as the competition itself.

Now, it’s your turn to step into the limelight!

Drop your thoughts in the comments below—did the flute flutter in the revamp win you over, or were you charmed by the original choreography’s groove?

And remember, while our Eurovision stars may say “I am what I am,” we’re all part of this diverse and melodious constellation, each with our own opinions and preferences.

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