Buckle up, Eurovision aficionados! Nemo is about to crack “The Code” wide open and turn the stage into a non-binary nirvana with Switzerland’s latest banger.

This isn’t your grandma’s Eurovision entry; it’s a genre-busting, rule-breaking spectacle that’s as cheeky as it is charming.

Get ready to dive into a song that’s as complex as the human soul and as catchy as the common cold. We’ve got the full lyrical rundown, a spicy analysis, and enough hot takes to keep your Eurovision party debates fiery.

So, keep your eyes peeled and your minds open—Nemo’s “The Code” is about to redefine the Eurovision playbook, and you won’t want to miss a beat!

This is the Eurovision Corgi review of “The Code” by Nemo for Eurovision 2024.

Who Is Nemo?

Nemo is a dynamic and trailblazing non-binary artist hailing from Switzerland, poised to captivate the Eurovision stage with their entry “The Code.”

At just 24 years old, Nemo has already made a splash in the music scene with their unique style and compelling performances. Their selection as Switzerland’s representative at Eurovision 2024 is a testament to their talent and potential to shine on an international platform.

Nemo’s artistry is a blend of modern rap and infectious melodies, which sets them apart and showcases the diversity in contemporary Swiss music. Their ability to convey powerful messages through their music resonates with a broad audience, making them an excellent choice to represent Switzerland.

The Eurovision stage is known for celebrating diversity and inclusivity, and Nemo’s presence reinforces these values.

The decision to have Nemo represent Switzerland was made by an international jury, which included former Eurovision stars. Among these were Teya (who was half of the duo representing Austria last year) and Luca Hänni who got Switzerland a 4th place finish in 2019.

Getting endorsements from these big names certainly indicates a strong belief in Nemo’s capabilities and appeal!

Their song “The Code” is anticipated to be a compelling entry that will not only showcase Nemo’s artistry but also bring a fresh and modern vibe to the competition.

Much like with another non-binary representative in this year’s competition, Nemo’s participation is also significant because it brings visibility to non-binary individuals, promoting a message of acceptance and understanding. Their representation on such a grand stage as Eurovision sends a powerful statement that music is a universal language that transcends gender and celebrates individuality.

With a combination of their innovative musical style, meaningful lyrics, and the enthusiastic support of both the public and an international jury, Nemo is set to offer a performance that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression at Eurovision 2024!

Song Analysis – “The Code”

Nemo’s “The Code” is a powerful anthem of self-discovery and liberation, chronicling their personal journey of coming out as non-binary.

The song kicks off with a bold declaration: “Welcome to the show, let everybody know.” This line sets the stage for a narrative of revelation, where Nemo is ready to drop the façade and break free from the constraints that once held them back.

The chorus, “I, I went to hell and back / To find myself on track / I broke the code,” is a triumphant acknowledgment of the struggles they’ve faced in understanding and embracing their identity. The “hell” they refer to could symbolize the societal pressures and internal conflicts that often accompany the process of coming out.

Yet, through these challenges, Nemo has emerged with a sense of clarity and purpose, having “broken the code” – a metaphor for unlocking the truth of who they are.

Nemo’s lyrics also touch upon the dichotomy of life, the “good and bad,” and the quest for balance.

They invite us to experience the full spectrum of emotions, the “low and highs,” which parallels the ups and downs of their own journey. As they navigate through the complexities of identity, they find strength in their story, calling it “my truth.”

The lines “Somewhere between the ohs and ones / That’s where I found my kingdom come” are particularly evocative, referencing binary code as a metaphor for their non-binary identity.

In the digital realm, binary code is composed of zeros and ones, but Nemo’s existence is beyond these binaries, in a space where they’ve found their “kingdom come” – a state of fulfillment and acceptance.

Ultimately, “The Code” is more than just a song; it’s an intimate glimpse into Nemo’s soul. It’s a celebration of the courage it takes to confront one’s truth and the euphoria of reaching a place of self-acceptance.

With each pulsating beat and every heartfelt lyric, Nemo invites listeners to join them in this celebration, inspiring others to break their own codes and find paradise within themselves.

Overall Impression

“The Code” is an exhilarating mix that defies genre boundaries, masterfully weaving together rap, pop, drum n bass, and operatic elements into a mesmerizing 3-minute escapade.

The music video for “The Code” is a testament to Nemo’s versatility, as they embody different personas with each shift in the song’s dynamic soundscape. The anticipation for how this multifaceted performance will be adapted for the live Eurovision stage is sky-high.

Imagining the theatrics, the energy, and the potential for a stunning visual narrative, it’s hard not to be buzzing with excitement over the possibilities!

And what excitement there is to be had!

Since 2019, Switzerland has been on an upward trajectory in the Eurovision contest, breaking away from a period of less favorable outcomes. Nemo stands at the forefront of this resurgence, ready to propel the nation even further with their innovative and boundary-pushing entry!

“The Code” might initially strike some as unconventional, perhaps too left-field for the casual Eurovision audience. Yet, it’s precisely this unique and daring quality that could captivate the juries and public alike, propelling Switzerland to a remarkable score if executed with finesse.

Meanwhile, the song’s lyrics offer a straightforward message, which is somewhat unexpected given the avant-garde nature of the music. Nevertheless, this directness provides a poignant autobiographical touchstone, grounding the track’s artistic flair.

For listeners, especially those grappling with their identity or understanding non-binary experiences, the clear message serves as a beacon of inspiration and solidarity.

Nemo’s “The Code” is not just a Eurovision entry; it’s a bold statement and a potential anthem for self-discovery and the celebration of one’s true self.

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Nemo – “The Code” – (After the Show)

Eurovision has always been a platform for diversity and groundbreaking performances, but this year, it was Switzerland’s Nemo who took it to another level.

With their groundbreaking victory, Nemo became Eurovision’s first non-binary winner, charming the audience with their sweetness and undeniable talent.

It’s been a long time since Switzerland celebrated a win at this grand musical arena, not since the legendary Celine Dion in 1988. Nemo’s triumph with “The Code” was a moment of pure jubilation, a historical echo that resonated with the excitement of Dion’s victory and had us fans spilling our drinks and leaping with joy in a collective celebration.

Nemo’s performance was a masterclass in what makes Eurovision so special: a blend of high energy, magnetic engagement, and a charm that transcended the stage. They were the embodiment of what makes an act memorable and beloved in the contest.

With just the right amount of enthusiasm and charisma, Nemo captured hearts and votes all over the world, making them an instantly endearing figure that was impossible not to root for.

This victory is monumental, not only for Switzerland’s Eurovision history but also as a significant milestone for the queer community worldwide.

Nemo, through “The Code,” delivered an anthem that explored the journey of self-discovery and the nuances of identity, particularly resonating with those who find themselves “somewhere between the 0’s and 1’s.”

Their message of self-acceptance and the celebration of one’s true self is now eternally marked in the Eurovision Hall of Fame, a testament to the contest’s enduring spirit of inclusivity and the power of music to unite us in our shared humanity.

Nemo – “The Code” – Lyrics

Welcome to the show, let everybody know
I’m done playing the game, I’ll break out the chains
You better buckle up, I’ll pour another cup
This is my bohème, so drink it up, my friend

I, I went to hell and back
To find myself on track
I broke the code, whoa-oh-oh
Like ammonites
I just gave it some time
Now I feel paradise
I broke the code, whoa-oh-oh

Let me tell you a tale about life ’bout the good and bad, better hold on tight
What is right, what’s wrong, what’s right
Everything is balanced, evеrything’s light
I’ve got so much on my mind
And I’ve been awake all night
I’m so pumpеd, I’m so psyched
It’s bigger than me, I’m getting so hyped like

Let me taste the low and highs (oh)
Let me feel that burning fright (oh)
This story is my truth

I, I went to hell and back
To find myself on track
I broke the code, whoa-oh-oh
Like ammonites
I just gave it some time
Now I found paradise
I broke the code, whoa-oh-oh

Somewhere between the ohs and ones
That’s where I found my kingdom come
My heart beats like a—
Somewhere between the ohs and ones
That’s where I found my kingdom come
My heartbeat’s like a drum

I, I went to hell and back
To find myself on track
I broke the code, whoa-oh-oh
Like ammonites
I just gave it some time
Now I found paradise
I broke the code, whoa-oh-oh

Final Thoughts – “The Code”

As we hit the final bar of our Eurovision analysis, it’s clear that Nemo’s “The Code” is more than just a song—it’s a cultural cipher waiting to be unlocked.

With its infectious beats and a message that resonates deep within the binary and beyond, this track is set to leave a massive mark on the Eurovision stage and in our hearts.

But now, it’s over to you! Crack your knuckles and head to the comments section to let us know if “The Code” has you tapping into your inner rhythm or if you’re still trying to decrypt its message.

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