Get ready to dive into the heart of Eurovision’s electric storm with San Marino’s 2023 entry that set the stage ablaze in Liverpool!

“Like an Animal” isn’t just a song; it’s a pulse-pounding, soul-stirring anthem delivered by Italian rockers, Piqued Jacks.

In this article, we’re cranking up the volume and dissecting every beat, every riff, and every raw emotion that Piqued Jacks poured into their Eurovision performance.

From the very first chord to the climactic finale, “Like an Animal” is a track that refuses to be tamed—and neither will this article.

Plus, for those who can’t get enough of the lyrical prowess on display, we’ve got a complete transcript of the song’s lyrics for you to relive the magic.

So, strap in and let your inner music beast out; we’re about to explore what makes Piqued Jacks’ Eurovision entry a testament to the power of rock.

This is the Eurovision Corgi review of “Like an Animal” which represented San Marino at Eurovision 2023.

Let’s rock!

Who Is Piqued Jacks?

Surging from the quaint Tuscan village of Buggiano to international stages with their electrifying alt-rock sound, Piqued Jacks bring the energy!

From their formation in 2006, these Italian virtuosos have carved a niche for themselves with their dynamic performances and catchy music that resonates with fans across the globe.

The band’s lineup features Andrea Lazzeretti (also known as E-King) on vocals, Francesco Bini rocking the guitar, Tommaso Oliveri handling the bass duties, and the beat master, Marco Sgaramella, on drums.

Their chemistry is undeniable, and their music is a testament to their dedication and raw talent.

Piqued Jacks have a remarkable track record, having opened for big names like Interpol, Chevelle, and The Boomtown Rats. Their music journey has taken them from the heart of Italy to the indie music hub of Austin, Texas, showcasing their ability to charm audiences far and wide.

Impressive, right?

Their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool with the track “Like an Animal” is just another feather in their cap, proving that Piqued Jacks are a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Song Analysis – “Like an Animal”

“Like an Animal” is an electrifying anthem of raw and unbridled attraction.

The lyrics exude a palpable and primal sense of desire and longing, as the protagonist eagerly beckons their love interest to join them in a pulsating dance of seduction.

The vivid imagery of “snake eyes” and “butterflies” captures the intoxicating mix of danger and excitement that comes with infatuation.

The references to a “biting tongue” and the sensation of being “tied up and deviated” further emphasize the thrilling and perhaps slightly perilous nature of the attraction.

The repeated refrain of “C’mon, baby, come and find me, I can smell you like an animal” evokes an almost primal instinct. It draws parallels between the pursuit of pleasure and the untamed instincts of the animal kingdom.

Overall, “Like an Animal” is a high-energy, passionate declaration of desire, pulsating with an irresistible urge to surrender to the captivating allure of a magnetic attraction.

The song is a celebration of the wild, untamed essence of human desire, set against an electrifying musical backdrop that beckons the listener to lose themselves in the rhythm and passion of the moment.

Overall Impression

Piqued Jacks brought a whirlwind of enthusiasm to the Eurovision 2023 stage with “Like an Animal,” a performance that was as much a celebration as it was a musical showcase.

The band’s sense of fun and their genuine excitement were the perfect contagion, spreading smiles and head bobs across the audience. Their humor, not just present in their lively stage antics but also woven into the fabric of the song, made their act a standout.

Musically, “Like an Animal” is reminiscent of The Killers’ energetic rock vibes – a comparison that’s a high compliment.

The familiarity of the sound provided a comfortable entry point into Piqued Jacks’ world, and for a listener like myself, who revels in The Killers’ discography, it was an instant connection.

However, the song’s structure presented a conundrum…

It exploded into existence, bursting with energy from the first chord, and maintained that intensity throughout. While this showcased the band’s capacity for delivering high-octane music, it left little room for crescendo or a journey within the song.

The final shout of “she knows the wayyyyyyy” was a highlight and a raw, emotional pull that demonstrated Lazzeretti’s vocal prowess.

Yet, it led to an abrupt conclusion, leaving a sense of incompleteness – a story without its final chapter.

Despite these critiques, I believe “Like an Animal” has been judged too harshly.

While not the crown jewel of Piqued Jacks’ work, it’s a solid track with the heart and soul of true rock. It was an energetic addition to the Eurovision lineup and, in my view, didn’t deserve the fate of finishing last.

“Like an Animal,” with all its untamed spirit and vivaciousness, was a breath of fresh air in the competition, and I’m glad it was part of the mix.

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Piqued Jacks – “Like an Animal” Lyrics

C’mon, baby, come and find me
I can smell you like an animal
Bring the party, Aphrodite, and I’ll tease you on the dancefloor

You have, you have snake eyes
And I get, I get butterflies
You have, you have snake eyes
With your hips, with your sexy look, you paralyze
And I get, I get butterflies
In my ears, in my stomach all the time

Come on baby, come and find me
I can smell you like an animal
Bring the party, Aphrodite, and I’ll chase you on the dance floor

Come on baby, come and find me
I can smell you like an animal
Bring the party, Aphrodite, and I’ll chase you on the dance floor

You have, you have a biting tongue
And it gets, it gets me so unstrung
You have, you have a biting tongue
To tie me up and deviate my inner thoughts
And it gets highly dangerous
Like a drug in my veins, you are poison

Come on baby, come and find me
I can smell you like an animal
Bring the party, Aphrodite, and I’ll chase you on the dance floor

Come on baby, come and find me
I can smell you like an animal
Bring the party, Aphrodite, and I’ll chase you on the dance floor

Come on baby (I can smell you like an animal)
Come on baby (I can smell you like an animal)

The way, she knows the way
The way to turn me on

The way, she knowѕ the way
The wаy to turn me on

Final Thoughts – “Like an Animal”

Piqued Jacks’ “Like an Animal” was a bold splash of color in Eurovision 2023 and a testament to the unbridled joy that music can bring.

Their performance was an electric burst of life, a reminder that rock and roll is as much about the energy you bring as it is about the notes you play.

The Piqued Jacks may have left the Eurovision stage, but their spirit lingers, echoing in the hearts of those who love a good rock anthem.

But now I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

Did “Like an Animal” get your heart racing? Did it inspire you to unleash your inner rock star, even if just in the living room?

I encourage you to jump into the comments and share your take on San Marino’s fiery entry. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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