Come with us on a melodious journey through the heart of Europe as we rank the last five fabulous French forays into the iconic Eurovision Song Contest!

France, with its rich history of chanson and pop, has always brought a certain je ne sais quoi to the competition, dazzling us with performances that range from the deeply emotional to the delightfully avant-garde.

They’ve been a part of this continental extravaganza since its inception, missing only two contests in their storied participation. As one of Eurovision’s “Big Five”, France’s entries automatically secure a spot in the grand finale, a testament to their status as one of the largest financial contributors to the European Broadcasting Union.

So, grab your tricolor flags and pop the champagne as we take a closer look at France’s recent Eurovision glories. Will the latest chansons uphold the grand tradition of French excellence in the contest?

Let’s dive in and find out!

5 – Tom Leeb – “The Best in Me” (France 2020)

Kicking off this list, we have France’s 2020 Eurovision entry, “The Best in Me” by the dashing Tom Leeb.

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I dislike this song. In fact, following the release of the revamped version, it’s clear that there’s a certain charm that can’t be ignored.

Yet, despite Tom’s undeniable talent and the swoon-worthy serenade atop the Eiffel Tower, “The Best in Me” cozied up in a rather snug and familiar embrace with the ballad genre—yes, that safe and cheesy territory we know all too well.

The twist of fate that led to the cancellation of the 2020 contest due to unforeseen global events might have been a discreet blessing for France. With the competition fiercer than ever, it’s likely that this charming, if somewhat predictable, tune might have seen France languishing towards the bottom of the leaderboard.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but Tom Leeb, with his vocal prowess and charisma, was definitely capable of delivering a performance with a bit more panache. One can’t help but ponder what could have been if France had taken a bolder leap with their entry.

But, c’est la vie! We’ll always have Paris, and we’ll always have “The Best in Me” to remind us of the Eurovision that never was.

4 – Slimane – “Mon Amour” (France 2024)

Moving forward, let’s now dive into the stirring depths of France’s 2024 Eurovision entry, “Mon Amour” by the sensational Slimane.

This artist doesn’t just sing; he unleashes a torrent of raw emotion and power that can send shivers down your spine and leave your heart pounding in your chest. Slimane’s voice is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s this electrifying energy that could very well propel “Mon Amour” to new heights in the Eurovision rankings.

Leading up to the grand spectacle of Eurovision 2024, the anticipation for France was almost too much to bear.

With simplistic staging and Slimane’s powerhouse vocals, the stars seemed to align as Slimane captured the hearts and ears of the audience both at the event and watching at home. It was truly nothing short of spectacular.

And, of course, when he took several steps away from the microphone and belted a cappella, we were all left with goosebumps. You can always count on the French entry to give us a truly unforgettable moment.

“Mon Amour” was revealed to the world exceptionally early, all the way back in November 2023. This was months ahead of other song and artist announcements.

This gave us plenty of time to fall in love with the song, but with such an early release, there was a lingering concern… Would the Eurovision audience still be as enamored with Slimane’s heartfelt ballad come showtime in Malmö, or would the flames of passion have dwindled to mere embers?

Clinching a fourth-place finish, I’d say it worked out well for France and Slimane!

“Mon Amour” has all the ingredients of a true classic, and with a talent like Slimane at the helm, it is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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3 – Alvan & Ahez – “Fulenn” (France 2022)

When France decided to throw caution to the wind for their Eurovision 2022 entry, they conjured up something truly magical. Bidding adieu to their reputation for “playing it safe,” France embraced the enchanting and the edgy with “Fulenn” by Alvan & Ahez.

This was not your typical chanson française! Far from it!

With a pulsating EDM beat, a dash of bewitching Breton folklore, and the hypnotic allure of the Breton language, “Fulenn” was a breath of fresh air that set the Eurovision stage alight. It was a bold move, a radical departure from the norm, and for that, France deserves a round of applause.

Yet, despite its standout qualities, “Fulenn” didn’t quite seduce the hearts of the voting public and juries as we had hoped.

The points may not have poured in as expected, but let’s not dwell on the numbers. Sometimes the risk doesn’t pay off in the way we anticipate, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth taking.

“Fulenn” has since taken on a life of its own, becoming a cult favorite that continues to bewitch and beguile Eurovision fans across the continent. This entrancing number has etched itself into our memories and playlists, proving that even without the votes to match, France’s daring dive into the unknown will not be forgotten.

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2 – La Zarra – “Évidemment” (France 2023)

In 2023, France turned up the Eurovision glam-o-meter with La Zarra and her dazzling entry, “Évidemment.”

This was not just a song; it was a chic celebration, a fusion of timeless French chanson with the pulsating heart of disco, all wrapped up in a performance that oozed style and sophistication. La Zarra stepped onto the stage and into our hearts with a number that was as fun as it was flamboyant, as stylish as it was stirring.

Her performance was the epitome of French flair, a memorable spectacle that had us all grooving to its dramatic beats.

And let’s not forget the splash of controversy with the now-infamous “middle finger scandal” during the voting announcements, which only added to the entry’s lasting legacy.

Despite landing at 16th place, a position that many, including myself, feel didn’t do justice to the entrancing performance, “Évidemment” by La Zarra will forever be remembered as a moment when Eurovision met pure French glamour head-on.

It’s performances like these that remind us why we adore this competition – for its ability to surprise, delight, and remain etched in our memories long after the final note has been sung.  

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1 – Barbara Pravi – “Voilà” (France 2021)

Oh, “Voilà”! In a performance that could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the iconic Edith Piaf, Barbara Pravi took to the Eurovision 2021 stage and captured the essence of French musical artistry.

Her entry was a masterclass in emotion, a raw and powerful homage to the grand tradition of the chanson. With each note of “Voilà,” Pravi laid her soul bare, delivering a performance steeped in drama and vulnerability that resonated with the timeless appeal of this beloved genre.

The tension in the air was palpable as France edged closer to what many thought would be their first Eurovision victory since Marie Myriam’s win in 1977. The final moments of the voting were nothing short of heart-stopping!

While the top prize ultimately went to Italy’s Måneskin, Barbara Pravi’s second-place finish was a triumph in its own right. She brought an immense sense of pride to France and secured her place as one of the nation’s most exceptional Eurovision talents.

Her performance was not just a contest entry; it was a piece of art that will be remembered and celebrated for years to come. Brava, Barbara Pravi, brava!

Final Thoughts

As the final notes of our Eurovision journey fade away, we’re left with a mosaic of memories, from the pulsating beats of “Fulenn” to the soul-stirring passion of “Voilà.”

Each year, France brings a piece of its heart to the stage, and we, as devoted Eurovision fans, are here to savor every moment. Whether you’re a devotee of the dramatic chanson or you find your feet tapping to the modern rhythms of disco-infused tracks, France’s Eurovision entries are a testament to the nation’s rich musical tapestry.

Now, it’s your turn to take the spotlight! Share your thoughts and personal rankings in the comments below. Which French performance captured your heart?

Did the “middle finger scandal” leave you scandalized or smiling? Could “Mon Amour” be the dark horse that gallops to unforgettable glory even beyond Eurovision? Your opinions are the crescendo to our Eurovision symphony, and we can’t wait to hear them!

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