Germany has been a staple at the Eurovision Song Contest for decades, bringing a mix of memorable performances and some that, well, missed the mark.

As one of the “Big Five” countries, Germany always secures a spot in the grand final, making each entry a highly anticipated event. In this article, we’ll take a fun and exciting look back at Germany’s last five Eurovision entries.

From dazzling performances to unforgettable tunes, let’s see how Germany has fared on the grand stage of Eurovision recently. Get ready for a musical journey filled with highs, lows, and everything in between!

Let’s dive in!

5 – Malik Harris – “Rockstars” (Germany 2022)

Germany’s 2022 entry, “Rockstars” by Malik Harris, is a heartfelt tribute to “the good old days” and a poignant call to enjoy the present before it becomes nothing more than a memory. It’s hard not to find some part of yourself relating to the song’s nostalgic and reflective lyrics.

While “Rockstars” plays it safe stylistically, it certainly doesn’t deserve the level of criticism it received.

Much of the lack of support seemed to stem from fans’ frustration that Germany chose Malik and his introspective ballad over the high-energy Electric Callboy. However, dismissing “Rockstars” for this reason overlooks its genuine charm and emotional depth.

Malik undeniably brought a deep sense of emotion and an incredible amount of charm to the Eurovision stage.

Although “Rockstars” might rank lower in this list, it is undeniably high in heart and spirit. So, let’s appreciate this beautiful entry for the heartfelt and relatable piece that it truly is!

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4 – Jendrik – “I Don’t Feel Hate” (Germany 2021)

You’re unlikely to find many Eurovision entries in recent years as polarizing as “I Don’t Feel Hate” from the 2021 contest. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying the infectious joy that Jendrik brought to the stage.

Though not my favorite song, I still enjoy the performance immensely. ESC 2021 was filled with serious songs, and “I Don’t Feel Hate” injected a much-needed dose of fun wackiness and a wholesome message into the mix.

Jendrik’s sheer enthusiasm was nothing short of contagious.

With its bright colors, a sparkly ukulele, and a hilariously expressive dancing middle finger, this entry is certainly memorable whether you liked the song or not!

It’s a performance that stands out in Eurovision history for its unique charm and playful spirit.

3 – Isaak – “Always on the Run” (Germany 2024)

It seemed like EVERYONE underrated Isaak before Eurovision 2024 in Malmö. But with an admirable 12th-place finish, Isaak successfully proved the haters wrong!

Germany has had a rough run over the past several years, with numerous last-place finishes. However, it seems that Isaak and his powerful, gritty voice may have finally broken that curse!

Sure, the song itself may be on the “safe” side of things, but that works perfectly here, in my opinion.

What sets this entry apart is the raw power and emotion that Isaak puts into his voice. He was very easily among the best male vocalists for ESC 2024 and a “safe” song gave plenty of room to highlight just how talented of a singer he is without overcomplicating things or relying on gimmicks.

Not to mention, he just comes across as such a humble, relatable person in every video we saw of him.

While the song may start with the confession that “I am nothing but the average,” Isaak and “Always on the Run” are certainly special to us. This entry brought a refreshing and heartfelt performance to the Eurovision stage, reminding us all that persistence and passion can turn the tide.

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2 – Ben Dolic – “Violent Thing” (Germany 2020)

I firmly believe that with the right staging and energy in a live performance, Ben Dolic could have propelled Germany to a top 5 finish in the 2020 contest. “Violent Thing” was widely seen as a strong contender, with some even predicting it might win the whole thing.

With its catchy hooks and a rhythm that compels you to move, “Violent Thing” is pure, unapologetic fun. It’s impossible (for me at least) not to sing along to lines like “ooh, don’t tell your mama” and “you’re such a violent thing.”

While we’ll never know if “Violent Thing” would have soared or flopped live due to the contest’s cancellation, it remains a staple in my Eurovision Favorites playlist. Ben Dolic’s smooth energy and the song’s irresistible groove make it a standout entry that I continue to adore.

1 – Lord of the Lost – “Blood & Glitter” (Germany 2023)

I’d say that I was obsessed with “Blood & Glitter” back in 2023, but the fact remains that I STILL absolutely love Lord of the Lost. Driving rhythms, melodic keyboards, and Chris Harms’ dark and crooning vocals combine to deliver a sonic thrill ride.

With Bowie-esque drama mixed with intense heavy metal, it was hard not to take notice of this entry. LOTL brought an absolutely explosive fireball of energy to the stage that was impossible to ignore.

Though this sadly didn’t translate to points in the voting and Germany once again found itself (unjustly) finishing in last place, that doesn’t change my love for this band and song.

There were a lot of things to love about ESC 2023, but one of my favorite takeaways was diving into Lord of the Lost’s impressive catalog of songs.

Count me as a fan!

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Final Thoughts

As we reflect on Germany’s recent Eurovision entries, it’s clear that each performance brings something special to the stage, contributing to the rich tapestry of the competition.

Whether it’s a powerful ballad or an energetic anthem, these songs continue to captivate and inspire.

But now it’s your turn to sound off! We’d love to hear your thoughts and rankings in the comments below—what are your favorite German entries?

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