Welcome to our exciting countdown of Iceland’s last five Eurovision entries!

Known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, Iceland has also made a significant mark on the Eurovision Song Contest.

From heart-thumping beats to soulful ballads, Iceland’s entries have never failed to captivate audiences across Europe and beyond.

Join us as we dive into the musical journey of this Nordic gem, exploring the creativity, passion, and unique flair that each performance brought to the Eurovision stage.

Whether you’re a die-hard Eurovision fan or just curious about Iceland’s contributions, this fun and engaging ranking will have you humming along in no time!

Let’s dive in!

5 – Hera Björk – “Scared of Heights” (Iceland 2024)

Hera Björk, a true Eurovision queen, returned to the stage in 2024 with “Scared of Heights.”

Many fans will remember her dazzling 2010 entry, “Je Ne Sais Quoi,” which remains one of my all-time favorite Icelandic performances.

However, “Scared of Heights” admittedly found itself in a tricky spot. Many Eurovision fans were saying that it felt a bit too dated to compete with the more contemporary songs, yet it wasn’t quite “vintage” enough to earn points for a retro vibe.

As much as I love Hera, I do understand where the critics are coming from.

Stylistically, the song played it safe, which might not have been the boldest move in such a competitive field.

Despite this, I firmly believe it didn’t deserve the level of criticism it received. Hera’s powerful vocals and the song’s heartfelt message still made it a memorable entry for Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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4 – Diljá – “Power” (Iceland 2023)

Diljá brought an electrifying performance to the Eurovision stage in 2023 with her song “Power.”

She put a ton (and I mean, A TON!) of energy into her live act, getting an incredible workout as she ran around the stage.

Alongside her dynamic presence, Diljá also showcased some incredibly powerful vocals, leaving no doubt that she gave the performance everything she had.

It was heartbreaking to see her not qualify for the Grand Final, especially since the competition was fiercely tough. She narrowly missed out on her semi-final’s top 10, finishing in 11th place.

Despite this, we’ll always have the unforgettable “p-p-p-power” to remember!

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3 – Systur – “Með hækkandi sól” (Iceland 2022)

It’s hard not to smile when looking back at Iceland’s 2022 Eurovision entry.

It’s not super common for Iceland to send songs in Icelandic to Eurovision, which already makes “Með hækkandi sól” stand out and score extra points for me.

The vibes of “Með hækkandi sól” are warm, cozy, hopeful, and simply immaculate. This is one of those “hug in a mug” type of songs that has a way of growing on you, making you want to hit the repeat button over and over again.

The song beautifully captures a sense of meditative serenity, evoking deep feelings even if you don’t understand a word of Icelandic.

Look… I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t really “get” this song at first.

However, once it clicked, it became a go-to favorite that I still keep coming back to listen to again and again, even all this time later.

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2 – Daði & Gagnamagnið – “10 Years” (Iceland 2021)

Is it really surprising to find this one ranked so highly?

Like much of the Eurovision fandom, I absolutely love Daði Freyr. After the disappointment that came with canceling the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, it was so exciting seeing that Daði would be coming back in 2021 with a new song!

While Daði’s 2020 entry was dedicated to his child, 2021 saw him enter with a beautiful, fun, and utterly sweet song dedicated to his wife, Árný.

(Seriously, they just might be the most adorable couple ever!)

A 4th place finish is nothing to be upset about and is still Iceland’s best result since Yohanna’s 2nd place finish with “Is It True?” back in 2009!

One can’t help but wonder if Daði & Gagnamagnið might have scored even higher if they hadn’t been unable to perform live at the contest itself due to COVID-19!

Nevertheless, with every listen and just as Daði sings in the song: “how does it keep getting better?”

1 – Daði & Gagnamagnið – “Think About Things” (Iceland 2020)

Did I mention how much I absolutely love Daði Freyr?

This is the song that made Daði a Eurovision legend, a viral TikTok sensation, and one of my favorite Eurovision breakthrough success stories.

(I mean, seriously, as I’m writing this, I’m still in disbelief over Daði Freyr’s sold-out North American tour, and I’m making plans to see him yet again in a couple of months!)

Not bad for someone who didn’t even get to perform due to the pandemic causing the contest to be cancelled, eh?

“Think About Things” is everything we could want in a Eurovision song: catchy hooks, iconic style, and dance moves that anyone can join in on.

There were a ton of bangers slated for Eurovision 2020, but I don’t think I can be convinced that Iceland wouldn’t have finally gotten their long-awaited first win with Daði & Gagnamagnið.

Iceland regularly sends unforgettable acts, but Daði & Gagnamagnið absolutely deserve their spot at the very top of this list!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it—our ranking of Iceland’s last five Eurovision entries!

Each song brought its own unique flair to the contest, showcasing the incredible talent and diversity of Icelandic music.

As a note, we almost included “Jaja Ding Dong” on the list, but we thought it best to give the other songs a fair chance to shine! 😉

Now, we want to hear from you!

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