Get ready for a musical journey through the microstate marvel that is San Marino! This tiny republic may be small in size, but it’s huge in passion when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest.

As we gear up to rank the last five Eurovision entries from San Marino, let’s also take a moment to appreciate the eclectic mix of songs this underdog has brought to the Eurovision stage.

From their debut in 2008 to unforgettable performances that have captured the hearts of fans across Europe and beyond, San Marino has become a cherished part of the Eurovision family.

Despite facing the challenge of being one of the smallest competitors, San Marino has never let that dim their Eurovision spirit. They’ve shown us time and again that they’re not afraid to take risks and stand out, whether it’s with their choice of artists or their bold song selections.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Eurofan or a casual viewer, join us as we count down San Marino’s recent Eurovision entries. From the highs to the lows, we’ll dive into what makes each entry unique and how they’ve contributed to San Marino’s Eurovision legacy.

Let’s dive in!

5 – Senhit – “Freaky” (San Marino 2020)

Hold onto your sequins and disco balls, because Senhit is the dazzling star who brought a whole lot of sparkle to San Marino’s Eurovision dreams!

With a voice as captivating as her stage presence, Senhit (who added that chic ‘h’ to her name since her first Eurovision foray in 2011) was all set to make a glittering comeback in 2020.

The anticipation was palpable when Senhit, San Marino’s second-ever Eurovision representative, announced her return to the contest. Fans were ready to get their “Freaky” on with her infectious disco anthem.

Though the Eurovision stage missed out on what promised to be an electrifying performance due to the event’s cancellation, the spirit of “Freaky” danced on in our hearts.

Yes, some might say the track played it safe, but “Freaky” was a groovy nod to the disco era, wrapped up in modern flair. While it’s a matter of speculation how it would have fared in the competition, there’s no denying that “Freaky” had us all tapping our feet to its beat.

And the best part? This wasn’t the last we’d see of Senhit, who made sure to keep the party going with an even more explosive entry the following year!

“Freaky” may not be the top contender in our San Marino Eurovision rankings, but it’s a fun-filled ride that showcases Senhit’s vibrant artistry. So, let’s disco down memory lane and groove to the rhythm of San Marino’s 2020 Eurovision entry that had us all feeling just a little bit “Freaky”!

4 – Piqued Jacks – “Like an Animal” (San Marino 2023)

Strap in for a wild ride with Piqued Jacks and their Eurovision 2023 entry that unleashed our inner beasts, “Like an Animal”! This track roared into the contest with a ferocity that had us all feeling the call of the wild.

Now, let’s get real for a second—I simply can’t wrap my head around the flak that Piqued Jacks faced for this number.

This band is a bundle of energy, overflowing with a wicked sense of humor, and “Like an Animal” perfectly captures their infectious spirit. It’s the kind of song that wouldn’t be out of place on an album by The Killers, and that’s saying something since they’re on my list of faves, too.

Watching Piqued Jacks take to the stage in Liverpool for Eurovision 2023 was a sight to behold; their joy was palpable, and it was clear they were there to have a blast.

However, they’re a tad further down on our list, and here’s the sole reason why: the staging.

While I was all in for the slick graphics, I couldn’t help but feel that the performance needed a touch more pizzazz to truly come alive—something akin to the funny dancing guy from the song’s music video would have added so much…

Despite that, “Like an Animal” by Piqued Jacks remains a standout track that had us tapping into our primal side and yearning for just a bit more of that Eurovision stage magic!

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3 – Achille Lauro – “Stripper” (San Marino 2022)

Brace yourselves for the unapologetic flamboyance of Achille Lauro’s “Stripper,” San Marino’s Eurovision 2022 entry that strutted onto the stage with a swagger all its own!

Before the Eurovision buzz of 2022, I had never heard of Achille Lauro, but oh boy, has he rocked my world since then.

This artist isn’t just a performer; he’s a full-on stage phenomenon who knows exactly how to leave a lasting impression. And let’s just say, his time on the Turin stage wasn’t just a performance—it was an extravaganza that could rival any rock concert!

Dripping with glam-rock opulence and oozing with a charisma that could light up an entire arena, Achille Lauro didn’t just perform; he owned the stage. And yes, he did so while atop a mechanical bull, which pretty much dropped my jaw to the floor.

Alright, I’ll concede that “Stripper” might not hit the same high notes as some of Achille’s other tracks, but it was a blast of a performance that was daring, tantalizing, and criminally underrated in the final tally.

In the wake of Måneskin’s 2021 victory, maybe the Eurovision universe wasn’t quite ready for another Italian rock revelation to clinch those top votes. But one thing’s for sure—I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not the last we see of Achille Lauro’s Eurovision glamour!

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2 – Megara – “11:11” (San Marino 2024)

San Marino’s Eurovision 2024 entry “11:11” by Megara showed up to take Malmö by storm for Eurovision 2024 and we were absolutely here for it!

San Marino seems to have developed a newfound love for rock entries, sending their third rock act in a row to the grand stage of Eurovision. Not that that’s a complaint, mind you!

Fresh off their impressive 4th place finish at Benidorm Fest 2023—Spain’s hot ticket to Eurovision glory—Megara isn’t hitting the brakes. They snatched the spotlight in Una Voce per San Marino and immediately began gearing up to unleash their electrifying energy at Eurovision.

“11:11” is nothing short of an adrenaline rush, a defiant anthem that refuses to be boxed in. Packed with high-octane riffs, mystic choreography, an unexpected flamenco twist, and a fearless vibe, Megara made it clear that they were aiming to shake things up.

While they unfortunately failed to qualify to the Grand Final at Eurovision 2024, they still created a high-energy moment that Eurovision fans won’t soon forget!

When it comes to Megara’s place in this ranking, let’s just say: partying is great, but rocking out with Megara? That’s on a whole other level…

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1 – Senhit ft. Flo Rida – “Adrenalina” (San Marino 2021)

Climbing to the pinnacle of this ranking, we have the return of royalty—Senhit has reclaimed her throne!

Eurovision 2021 was a wild ride, and among its most unforgettable moments was the sight of Flo Rida hitting the Eurovision stage with Senhit. Talk about an unexpected crossover!

Sure, having a heavyweight like Flo Rida in the mix probably gave “Adrenalina” a hefty boost into the Grand Final. But let’s not sell this banger short!

“Adrenalina” is the kind of track that grabs you by the soul and demands you move—whether that’s a full-on dance extravaganza, a casual head bob, or a stealthy hum along. It’s a powerhouse of a tune that’s all kinds of fun and sticks in your head like the catchiest of earworms.

While I’m still scratching my head over its 22nd place finish in the Grand Final (which, by the way, is still a pretty solid showing for San Marino), “Adrenalina” is one hit that’s secured its eternal spot on my go-to playlist.

Final Thoughts

As the final notes of this Eurovision deep-dive fade out, I still can’t help but eternally root for San Marino, the underdog with a heart of pure pop gold. It’s high time this tiny titan gets its due props among the Eurovision faithful!

Who’s to say? Perhaps we’re on the cusp of witnessing the ultimate Cinderella story, with San Marino ascending the leaderboard to clinch that fairy-tale victory!

Now, I’m passing the mic to you, dear readers. It’s your moment to weigh in!

How do you stack up San Marino’s most recent Eurovision forays? Drop your rankings in the comments below, and let’s get this conversation started!

Until next time, party people!