Strap in and brace yourself for a deep dive into S10’s “De Diepte,” where the Dutch language takes a Eurovision-sized leap into your heart.

This isn’t just any ballad—it’s the anthem of every soul that’s ever been ghosted by happiness, and it’s got more layers than your favorite winter outfit.

As we unpack the haunting melody and the raw emotion that propelled the Netherlands into the spotlight at Eurovision 2022, you’ll discover why this song captured our hearts and didn’t leave a single dry eye in Turin.

So, grab your emotional snorkel—we’re about to plunge headfirst into the feels, analyze every note, and even give you a lyrical map to sing along (or just hum the “oohoo aha” bit with gusto).

Ready to get swept away? Let’s go!

This is the Eurovision Corgi review of “De Diepte” by S10 for Eurovision 2022.

Who Is S10?

S10, whose real name is Stien den Hollander, is a Dutch singer-songwriter and rapper with a captivating presence in the music scene. Hailing from Hoorn, she has been making waves with her unique blend of emotive songwriting and distinctive voice.

S10’s rise to prominence began with her self-released music in 2016, and by 2019, she had already won an Edison Award (The Netherlands’ version of the Grammy) for her debut studio album “Snowsniper.”

Her artistic style is a refreshing mix of raw lyrical storytelling set to minimalist production, often exploring themes of mental health, which resonates deeply with listeners. S10’s ability to connect through her music, paired with her authentic artistry, makes her an exceptional representative for the Netherlands at Eurovision.

The choice of S10 for Eurovision 2022 was a bold move, showcasing the Dutch language on the international stage with her song “De Diepte.” This choice reflects a growing trend of celebrating national identity and language in the contest.

S10’s deep connection to her music and her ability to convey emotion transcends linguistic barriers, making her an outstanding ambassador for Dutch culture and music.

Her Eurovision entry, “De Diepte,” is a hauntingly beautiful song that perfectly captures S10’s artistry. With her performance, she not only brought the Dutch language to the forefront but also delivered a piece that stands out for its authenticity and emotional depth.

Song Analysis – “De Diepte”

“De Diepte” is a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the haunting grip of lingering emotions. The song delves into the heartache of unfulfilled dreams and the fear that the ache within may never fade.

S10 articulates a vulnerability that is universally relatable—those days when it feels like the rain will never stop, clouding our vision and drenching our spirits.

The lyrics paint a picture of a love that was once thought to be eternal, now a memory that echoes in the abyss of the singer’s heart.

The repeated “oohoo aha” is a soulful lament, a melodic cry that represents the longing and the inability to let go of the past. It’s a sound that resonates, a call that seeks an answer in the void left by a departed lover.

S10’s words evoke the image of hiding beneath a table, a metaphor for the desire to be found and held once more, to return to a time of innocence and connection. It’s a powerful admission of the need for the other, the yearning for the comfort and familiarity that love once brought.

Meanwhile, the gritting of teeth signifies the pain and the struggle, the internal battle of coping with a reality that feels unbearable.

“De Diepte” is an entire emotional journey. It captures the essence of being submerged in the depths of sorrow, where the name of a loved one continues to resonate, refusing to be silenced.

The simplicity of the refrain “I am deep and I don’t want to let you go” encapsulates the core of the song—a raw, unfiltered declaration of attachment and the difficulty of moving on.

S10’s Eurovision entry is more than a melody; it’s a shared experience of the depths of human emotion, a testament to the power of music to articulate the inexpressible, to connect us through the shared language of the heart.

Overall Impression

From the moment S10 steps onto the stage, there’s a palpable shift in the atmosphere.

Her performance of “De Diepte” at Eurovision 2022 is a masterclass in emotional storytelling through music. Even if you don’t speak a word of Dutch, S10 infuses her performance with such raw emotion that you can’t help but get swept up in the moment she is creating.

The song’s chorus, with its haunting and melodic “oohoo, aha,” is irresistibly catchy. It’s a siren call that beckons you to join in, and it’s an impossible challenge to try to resist singing along each time.

The genius of “De Diepte” lies in its simplicity—both in its structure and staging.

Yet, this simplicity is a ruse, a vessel for the tidal wave of emotional impact that hits listeners with astounding force. The stripped-back arrangement and the minimalist stage design allow S10’s powerful vocals and the song’s poignant lyrics to shine, unfettered by distraction.

Though S10 may have finished just outside of the top 10, securing 11th place, her impact on Eurovision fans has been undeniable. She even makes a cameo in the video for the Netherlands’ 2024 entry!

S10 has built a passionate following, and I am unabashedly one of them. “De Diepte” remains my personal winner for 2022 and is, without a doubt, one of the best Dutch entries to Eurovision of all time.

S10’s performance was more than a competition entry; it was a soul-stirring experience that will resonate with many for years to come.

S10 – “De Diepte” – Lyrics (Original)

Ken je het gevoel dat
Dat je droom niet uitkomt?
Ben je weleens bang
Dat het altijd zo blijft?
Want het regent alle dagen
En ik zie geen hand voor ogen
Jij en ik toch samen
Dat zal altijd zo zijn

Ta da da…

Hier in de diepte hoor ik steeds maar weer je naam
Oh mijn lief, wat moet ik nou?
Ik zit diep en ik wil jou niet laten gaan

Ik schuil onder de tafel
En ik hoop dat jij me vindt
Ik wacht al heel de avond
Oh ik lijk wel een kind
Ik bijt weer op mijn tanden
En ik weet dat jij dat ook doet
Maar God, wat moet ik anders?
Wanneer is het genoeg?

Ta da da…

Hier in de diepte hoor ik steeds maar weer je naam
Oh mijn lief, wat moet ik nou?
Ik zit diep en ik wil jou niet laten gaan
Nee nee, nee nee
Jou niet laten gaan

Ta da da…

Hier in de diepte hoor ik steedѕ maar weer je naam
Oh mijn lief, wat moet ik nou?
Ik zit diep en ik wil jou niet laten gaаn

S10 – “De Diepte” – Lyrics (English)

Do you know the feeling that
That your dream doesn’t come true?
Are you ever afraid
That it will always stay that way?
Because it rains every day
And I don’t see a hand in front of me
You and I together
It always will be

Ta da da…

Here in the depth I hear your name over and over again
Oh my dear what am I supposed to do?
I’m deep and I don’t want to let you go

I’m hiding under a table
And I hope you find me
I’ve been waiting all evening
Oh I look like a kid
I bite my teeth again
And I know you do the same
But God, what else am I supposed to do?
When it is enough?

Ta da da…

Here in the depth I hear your name over and over again
Oh my dear what am I supposed to do?
I’m deep and I don’t want to let you go
No no, no no
Don’t let you go

Ta da da…

Here in the depth I hear your name over and over again
Oh my dear what am I suppoѕed to do?
I’m deep and I don’t wаnt to let you go

Final Thoughts – “De Diepte”

And thus concludes our review of S10’s “De Diepte,” a song that proves you don’t need to go Dutch to fall in love with a Eurovision hit.

We’ve waded through the emotional waters, dissected the heartstring-tugging lyrics, and even offered up the chance to belt out your own “oohoo aha.”

Now it’s your turn to weigh in. Did S10’s performance leave you as breathless as a deep-sea diver without an oxygen tank, or are you still paddling in the shallow end? Dive into the comments and let your opinions flow like the tears of a Eurovision judge after a particularly touching ballad.

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