Strap in for a thrilling and emotional ride to the heart of Eurovision 2022, where Australia’s own Sheldon Riley stepped into the spotlight with a performance that redefined the power of song.

With “Not the Same,” Sheldon didn’t just perform; he poured out his soul on the stage in Turin, Italy, with a voice that could move mountains and a message that touched hearts.

This article will take you behind the music, into the essence of a song that’s more than a melody—it’s a mirror reflecting our collective journey of self-acceptance.

We’ll dissect the nuances of Sheldon’s unforgettable performance, share personal reflections on the song that has Eurovision fans buzzing, and even provide the lyrics for you to follow along with this anthem of authenticity.

Prepare to be inspired by the story of a song that dared to stand out in a sea of ballads, and a performer who showed us all what it means to be unapologetically unique.

This is the Eurovision Corgi review of “Not the Same” by Sheldon Riley for Eurovision 2022.

Who Is Sheldon Riley?

Sheldon Riley is an Australian singer-songwriter known for his theatrical flair and emotionally charged performances.

With a penchant for dramatic costumes and an evocative vocal style, Sheldon has carved out a unique space in the music world that’s all his own.

His journey to the spotlight began on the stages of reality TV, where he captured hearts on “The Voice Australia.” His time on the show was marked by standing ovations and praise from the judges, showcasing his ability to connect with both the song and the audience on a profound level.

Sheldon’s selection to represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest was a testament to his undeniable talent and his capacity to deliver a performance that’s both visually and sonically stunning.

His artistry is not just in his voice but in his entire presentation; he embodies the spirit of Eurovision with his larger-than-life persona and the depth of emotion he brings to his music.

His Eurovision entry, “Not the Same,” is a deeply personal narrative that speaks to his experiences with feeling different and the journey toward self-acceptance. It’s a song that not only highlights his vocal prowess but also resonates with the inclusivity and diversity that Eurovision celebrates.

His participation in the contest is a celebration of being unapologetically oneself, and it’s clear that Sheldon Riley was ready to take on that mantle and dazzle audiences across the globe.

What’s With the Mask?

Sheldon Riley is known for wearing elaborate masks and costumes during his performances, including his appearances on “The Voice Australia” and the Eurovision Song Contest.

The mask is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a symbol of his personal journey and artistic identity.

Sheldon has spoken about his struggles with identity and acceptance, both personally and as an artist. The mask represents the barriers he has faced and the persona he adopted to protect himself from judgment and rejection.

By wearing a mask, Sheldon challenges the audience to focus on his voice and the emotion of the performance rather than his appearance.

It’s a powerful statement about the value of artistry over superficial judgment and a reflection of his journey toward self-acceptance and empowerment.

The mask has become a signature part of his image, one that symbolizes the themes of vulnerability and strength that are often present in his music.

Song Analysis – “Not the Same”

“Not the Same” is a deeply personal and anthemic song that captures the essence of Sheldon Riley’s own experiences with feeling different and misunderstood.

The lyrics tell the story of a person who, from a young age, was warned that their uniqueness might lead to social exclusion.

The song’s opening lines, “I was told at six years old / They’d avoid me if my heart was cold,” convey the early realization that being different can be isolating.

From there, the song continues to explore the struggles of trying to fit in, feeling rejected (“Try to jump on in but they push away”), and the pain of pretending to be something you’re not to gain acceptance (“I said, ‘Yes, I did’, but that’s a lie”).

Sheldon’s lyrics delve into the internal conflict and the act of hiding one’s true self to avoid being hurt.

However, “Not the Same” is not just a narrative of pain and alienation; it’s a powerful declaration of self-acceptance and empowerment.

The realization that “the light shines bright / Through those, oh, who broke inside” is a turning point in the song, symbolizing the discovery that our broken parts can be the source of our greatest strength and individuality.

With that, the latter part of the song becomes a universal call to embrace our differences and recognize that many share this feeling of not fitting the mold.

Sheldon transitions from a personal reflection to an inclusive message, “So you go and leave the pain and find another way / To make yourself another game, maybe one for all to play,” suggesting that by acknowledging our shared experiences, we can create a more accepting and united community.

Overall, “Not the Same” is a celebration of the human spirit and a rallying cry for anyone who has ever felt out of place or misunderstood. It’s a reminder that our uniqueness is not a weakness but a powerful attribute that can connect us in ways we never imagined.

Sheldon Riley delivers this message with a raw honesty and a vocal intensity that encourages listeners to stand tall in their truth, to be proud of who they are, and to find solidarity in the fact that we are all, in some way, not the same.

Overall Impression

Sheldon Riley’s presence at Eurovision 2022 was nothing short of a vocal powerhouse, soaring high with a voice that could very well be the most commanding of the competition.

He stood shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Nadir Rustamli from Azerbaijan and Poland’s Ochman, each of them solo male artists who brought an incredible force and raw emotion to their performances.

These artists, with their ability to unleash such power in their vocals, truly set the bar for what it means to captivate an audience.

Delving into the heart of “Not the Same,” there’s an undeniable appreciation for the personal touch Sheldon infused into every note.

The song resonates on a deeply personal level, striking a chord with Eurovision fans who see reflections of their own stories within its lyrics.

Despite the drama being amped to the max and a certain repetitiveness to the song, the core message of embracing one’s unique identity stands unwavering and impactful.

Though I suppose we must talk about the scoring…

In a different landscape, perhaps one less crowded with ballads—especially from solo male performers—”Not the Same” might have shone even brighter and climbed higher in the ranks.

It’s clear the song was a favorite among the juries, a testament to its artistic and emotional depth. Yet, it was disheartening to witness it garner a mere 2 points from the public vote.

One can’t help but feel that in another year, under different circumstances, Sheldon’s anthem of self-acceptance could have resonated more broadly, securing the acclaim it so richly deserved.

Sheldon Riley – “Not the Same” – Lyrics

I was told at six years old
They’d avoid me if my heart was cold
Found it hard to talk and speak my mind
They never liked the things that I would like

‘Cause you’re taught to play but you’re not the same
As the other kids playing the same game
Try to jump on in but they push away
So far away

I’m not the same, no
I’m not the same, no

Years went by, I tried and tried
My father asked me if today I smiled
I said, “Yes, I did,” but that’s a lie
Oh, I always tell those lies

Then you run and hide, hide the break inside
‘Til you realize that the light shines bright
Through those, oh, who broke inside

I’m not the same, no
I’m not the same, no
I’m not the same, no
I’m not the same, no

‘Cause you never want to be the kind of person
Who can’t work it for those ones who can not word it
‘Cause you’ve been the kind of person who felt this pain
Oh, yeah, I felt this pain

So you go and leave the pain and find another way
To make yourself another game, maybe one for all to play
‘Cause it’s not just me who’s not the same
We’re not the same

We’re not the same, no
We’re not the same, no
We’re not the same, no
We’re not the same, no

Final Thoughts – “Not the Same”

As the final notes of Eurovision 2022 fade into memory, Sheldon Riley’s “Not the Same” lingers with us as a testament to the power of music and the courage to stand out.

His performance may not have conquered the scoreboard, but it conquered hearts and left us all a little more emboldened to embrace who we are.

So, don’t stay silent—let your voice be heard in the comments below! Share your thoughts on Sheldon’s electrifying Eurovision journey and whether “Not the Same” struck a personal chord with you.

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