Dive into the enchanting sounds of Iceland with Systur’s “Með hækkandi sól,” a Eurovision 2022 entry that truly understood the assignment of “vibes.”

This article offers a deep dive into the captivating world the song creates—one that doesn’t require fluency in Icelandic to appreciate its soul-stirring essence.

Join us as we analyze the magic woven into every note, share personal reflections on the performance, and present the lyrics that have carved a lasting place in the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Get ready to be transported to a vibrant, mystical realm, where the music speaks directly to your soul, and the promise of sunny days ahead is felt in every melody.

Let’s embark on this Icelandic adventure together, celebrating the power of simplicity, the allure of the Icelandic language, and the enduring mystery of a song that continues to resonate long after the Eurovision lights have dimmed.

This is the Eurovision Corgi review of “Með Hækkandi Sól” by Systur for Eurovision 2022.

Who Is Systur?

Systur, a charming and harmonious folk band hailing from Iceland, is composed of three talented sisters: Sigga, Beta, and Elín.

Their organic and earthy sound, infused with the rich storytelling tradition of Icelandic music, captured hearts across their homeland. It’s no wonder they secured their spot as Iceland’s representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with the soul-stirring track “Með hækkandi sól!”

The sisters’ deep connection is palpable both on and off stage, creating an enchanting musical experience that resonates with authenticity and emotion.

Selected through Iceland’s national selection process, Söngvakeppnin, Systur stood out for their ability to blend traditional Icelandic musical elements with a contemporary folk essence, making them an exciting choice for Eurovision.

Their journey to Eurovision was marked by a combination of jury points and televotes, which is a testament to their widespread appeal and the universal touch their music carries.

The anticipation for their performance was high, as they promised to lean on each other and bring a piece of Iceland’s rich culture to the international stage in Turin.

With their heartfelt melodies and the gentle strumming of their guitars, Systur aimed to not only represent Iceland but also leave a lasting impression on the Eurovision audience with their serene and uplifting performance.

Song Analysis – “Með Hækkandi Sól”

“Með hækkandi sól” is a dreamy and stirring anthem of hope and resilience.

It’s a song that captures the essence of the Icelandic spirit, beautifully juxtaposing the country’s long, dark winters with the anticipation of the return of the sun and the warmth of spring.

The lyrics poetically describe the emotional landscape of someone who has weathered deep sorrow and carries a longing within them.

The phrase “Undercurrents sweep the heart” suggests that there are strong, perhaps painful, emotions just below the surface. Yet, despite the wounds and the darkness, there is a sense of patient waiting and quiet strength.

Within the song, the “darkest winter” is a metaphor for challenging times or periods of hardship. Though this also reflects Iceland’s actual winters, which are known for being particularly long and dark.

Meanwhile, the repeated line “waits for the sun” evokes a feeling of expectancy, a belief that better days are just on the horizon.

This is not just a literal reference to the changing seasons but also a broader symbol of optimism—waiting for the light to break through the darkness, both in nature and in life.

The song also touches on themes of transformation and empowerment, particularly in the lines “She rises to the sky / Embracing her own power.”

This imagery suggests a breakthrough, a moment of self-realization and coming into one’s own. It’s about finding peace amidst the chaos, a calm acceptance of the past, and a hopeful gaze towards the future.

In essence, “Með hækkandi sól” is a heartfelt reminder that no matter how dark the winter, the sun will rise again, bringing light, warmth, and the promise of renewal.

It’s a celebration of the enduring human spirit and the cyclical nature of life, where after every hardship comes ease, and after every winter, spring inevitably follows, warming our embraces once more.

Overall Impression

When it comes to truly capturing the essence of “vibes,” no act at Eurovision 2022 did it quite like Iceland’s Systur.

“Með hækkandi sól,” wasn’t just a song—it was a soul-warming embrace and a musical incarnation of comfort that transcended language barriers. It invited us listeners into a mystical realm where the aurora borealis dances across the sky and the midnight sun never sets.

The song’s true power is woven within its simplicity. It’s a gentle reminder that beauty often lies in the understated and that hope can be found in the promise of brighter days to come.

Systur’s choice to perform in their mother tongue only added layers of authenticity and charm, showcasing the melodic elegance of the Icelandic language and further setting their performance apart from the crowd.

At first glance, or rather first listen, “Með hækkandi sól” might have been easy to overlook, which perhaps contributed to Iceland’s 23rd-place finish.

Yet, this is the kind of song that plants its roots quietly but deeply.

Over time, it blossoms in the back of your mind, leaving a lingering question of how such a poignant and resonant entry could have been underrated in the whirlwind of the competition.

As the memories of Eurovision in Turin begin to fade, the hauntingly beautiful strains of “Með hækkandi sól” continue to echo, a bittersweet reminder of the gem that many may have missed.

It’s a song that doesn’t shout for attention but rather waits with serene confidence for the world to realize its worth.

And for those who have felt its gentle touch, it remains an enigma—how could such a heartfelt melody have slipped through the cracks of Eurovision’s grand finale?

Systur – “Með Hækkandi Sól” – Lyrics (Original)

Öldurót í hljóðri sál
Þrautin þung umvafin sorgarsárum
Þrá sem laðar, brennur sem bál
Liggur í leyni – leyndarmál – þei þei

Í ljósaskiptum fær að sjá
Fegurð í frelsi sem þokast nær
Þó næturhúmið skelli á
Og ósögð orð, hugan þjá – þei þei

Í dimmum vetri – hækkar sól
Bræðir hjartans klakabönd – svo hlý
Í dimmum vetri – vorið væna
Vermir þitt vænghaf á ný

Skammdegisskuggar sækja að
Bærast létt með hverjum andardrættir
Syngur í brjósti lítið lag
Breiðir úr sér og andvarpar – þei þei

Í dimmum vetri – hækkar sól
Bræðir hjartans klakabönd – svo hlý
Í dimmum vetri – vorið væna
Vermir þitt vænghaf á ný

Og hún tekst á flug
Svífur að hæstu hæðum
Og færist nær því
Að finna innri ró

Í dimmum vetri – hækkar sól
Bræðir hjartans klakabönd – svo hlý
Í dimmum vetri – vorið væna
Vermir þitt vænghaf á ný

Systur – “Með Hækkandi Sól” – Lyrics (Translated)

Undercurrents sweep the heart
All but covered in deep wounds of sorrow
A deep longing burns within
Lies in hiding – come what may – Hush hush

In the twilight you can see beautiful freedom moving closer
As the night sky drowns
The day torn by words
No one can say – Hush hush

The darkest winter, waits for the sun
To ease away the longest nights – with light
The darkest winter, waits for spring
To warm our embraces again

Darkness of winter closing in
Forcing every single breath they take
With growing hope for brighter days
The ice and shadows will give way – Hush hush

The darkest winter, waits for the sun
To ease away the longest nights – with light
The darkest winter, waits for spring
To warm our embraces again

She rises to the sky
Embracing her own power
And along the way
Finding a sense of peace

The darkest winter, waits for the sun
To ease away the longest nights – with light
The darkest winter, waits for spring
To warm our embraces again

Final Thoughts – “Með Hækkandi Sól”

As the sun sets on our Eurovision journey, let’s not forget the rays of warmth that Iceland’s Systur brought to the stage with “Með hækkandi sól.”

This song, like the first light of dawn, has the subtle strength to illuminate even the coldest of hearts.

It’s a reminder that sometimes the most profound messages are whispered rather than shouted, and that the echoes of such whispers can resonate long after the final note has been played.

Don’t let Iceland’s 23rd place finish cloud your judgment—give “Með hækkandi sól” another listen and let its hopeful message brighten your day.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so chime in with your comments below and let us know if this song has grown on you like the endless Icelandic summer nights.

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