With spellbinding vintage melodies and captivating charm, let’s get to know more about Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2023 entry!

TuralTuranX, the dynamic twin duo from the Land of Fire, has ignited the stage with their performance of their song “Tell Me More.”

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the soul-stirring rhythms and heartfelt lyrics that have set the Eurovision stage alight.

Join me as we unravel the layers of this musical gem, explore the essence of the twins’ memorable performance, and relive the magic through a complete transcript of the lyrics.

This is the Eurovision Corgi review of “Tell Me More” by TuralTuranX, which represented Azerbaijan for Eurovision 2023.

Who Is TuralTuranX?

TuralTuranX is the stage name of Azerbaijani identical twin brothers Tural and Turan Bağmanov.

Born on October 30, 2000, these dynamic twins have been making waves in the music scene with their unique blend of traditional Azerbaijani sounds and contemporary music stylings.

Their journey from busking on the streets of Azerbaijan to gracing the Eurovision stage in Liverpool is nothing short of a fairy tale, showcasing their undeniable talent and ambition.

The brothers’ musical synergy is not just a product of their shared DNA, but also of their shared vision and passion for music that transcends borders.

With their entry “Tell Me More,” they brought a mixture of vintage charm and fresh energy to Eurovision 2023, infusing their performance with the essence of their beautiful hometown and the special bond they share as twins.

Their participation in Eurovision is a testament to their rising status as twin music superpowers, and they are undoubtedly a duo to keep an eye on as they continue to charm audiences both in Azerbaijan and beyond!

Song Analysis – “Tell Me More”

“Tell Me More” by TuralTuranX is an emotionally charged song that delves into the complexities of love and longing.

The lyrics express a deep yearning for connection and understanding in a relationship, as well as the pain of separation and uncertainty.

The protagonist is reaching out, seeking reassurance and honesty about the state of their love.

There’s a sense of vulnerability and a desire for clarity, as they grapple with the possibility of lost love and the emotional turmoil that accompanies it.

The song captures the essence of raw, heartfelt emotion, as the protagonist navigates feelings of longing, pain, and hope. The lyrics convey a profound sense of yearning and a plea for open communication and genuine affection.

The powerful emotional journey depicted in the song resonates with the universal experience of love, heartache, and the quest for understanding in relationships.

Overall, “Tell Me More” is a poignant reflection on the intricacies of love and the human experience, presented with a compelling blend of vulnerability and passion. It’s a captivating exploration of the rollercoaster of emotions that come with love and the longing for connection.

Overall Impression

Azerbaijan has truly broken the mold with TuralTuranX’s “Tell Me More,” and it’s a breath of fresh air to see artists perform a piece that’s so authentically their own.

The fact that the brothers penned the song themselves adds a layer of intimacy and originality that’s often sought after but rarely found in the Eurovision spectacle.

This deviation from Azerbaijan’s typical Eurovision entries is not just refreshing, it’s downright exhilarating!

Of course, the song’s vintage tone that’s so reminiscent of the 60s and 70s could not have been more perfect for Liverpool, a city that’s synonymous with musical heritage and the birthplace of The Beatles.

TuralTuranX brought a piece of their soul to the contest, and it resonated with the spirit of the host city.

The fusion of their Azerbaijani roots with a universally appealing sound created a beautiful synergy with Liverpool’s own musical narrative.

However, the choice of attire for the twins is where I find myself at odds…

While the aesthetic was striking, it seemed to overshadow their genuine, grounded personas. Tural and Turan have an organic, relatable quality that’s part of their charm, and a more understated wardrobe might have allowed their true selves to shine through.

At times, it felt as though the costumes were a bit overpowering, creating a visual distraction from their musical storytelling.

And who could forget the moment that made us all catch our breaths?

When Tural’s bass guitar strap gave way, it was a heart-stopping incident. Yet, the way he managed to catch the instrument and continue playing was nothing short of professional.

It’s moments like these that define a true performer—undaunted by mishaps and ready to face the music head-on. Kudos to Tural for his quick reflexes and unwavering dedication to the performance.

This performance and journey to Eurovision is exactly the kind of perseverance and presence of mind that leaves a lasting impression and speaks volumes of the brothers’ potential as artists on the international stage.

TuralTuranX – “Tell Me More” – Lyrics

Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system
Please record your message

Ah, I don’t know where you are
Or what you’re up to
Kinda missing you right now
You know the old days and stuff?
I want you to be here, with me
Just call me back when you get this message okay?

Tell me more about me, you, us
Tell me you love me, baby
More than I trust
And I just want to know
How do you feel about us
Right now?

I don’t know if I’m someone or someone is me
I’m running from the fate and I’m giving up my dream
I’m carrying all the pain and the sorrow that’s in vain
All the games you think I’m playing are my ways of staying sane

I shout it from the hills up high
I’ve nothing, only tears to cry
If I ever learn again to feel the way I did
I’ll die from the emotions that I kept down for years, baby

Tell me more about me, you, us
Tell me you love me, baby
More than I trust
And I just want to know
How do you feel about us
Right now?

I want to buy a land a thousand miles away
From a city that I’ve never even chosen
I think the reason why is all because of people who treat you like a fool
And make you wonder for the reason

But now is the time I’m passing by the streets
And the places that we used to go to
We thought we’d be back pretty soon, but never did
The distance between you and me gets so damn more

Let me tell you one thing, baby
It may change your all thoughts about us
You won’t need to worry again, too

So, let me tell you, if you’re ready
Hear me out, baby, let’s go crazy
I have something that you’re looking for

And that is love, love, love

Tell me more about me, you, us
Tell me you love me, baby
More than I trust
And I just want to know
How do you feel about us
Right now?

Final Thoughts – “Tell Me More”

As the final notes of “Tell Me More” echo in our ears, it’s clear that TuralTuranX has etched a memorable chapter in the Eurovision history books.

The Bağmanov brothers’ entry stands as a testament to the power of authenticity and the magic that happens when artists stay true to their roots.

Their performance in Liverpool will be remembered for its heartfelt delivery, its connection to the city’s storied musical past, and the resilience they demonstrated in the face of unexpected challenges.

TuralTuranX may not have walked away with the trophy, but they certainly won over hearts and opened up conversations about the evolving nature of music and performance on the Eurovision stage.

Now, I turn the mic over to you, dear readers.

What did you think of Azerbaijan’s bold departure from their Eurovision norms? Did the twins’ song strike a chord with you? And what about that on-stage save – wasn’t it just the epitome of showmanship?

Tell me more by sharing your thoughts and feelings in the comments below!

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